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Have a book burning! FaceBook that is!!
Have a book burning! FaceBook that is!!

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Getting a blank screen when going to Print from USB ->. Have a valid .stl printed before from Cura. The thumb drive is formatted MSDOS (FAT32). The top level screen says USB Drive Inserted. If I take out the USB drive and go to Print from USB it will go to a screen with a 'parent' folder shown but is a blank screen with the USB plugged in.

Considering the 1.1 firmware update but everything has been working great from the computer up to this point. Have found that I need to use the USB for certain printer locations (non-dedicated at the moment).

Looked through all of the RigidBot resources I could find but nothing about this...

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These guys were instrumental in bringing our tōd enclosure to life! We got to see this project as it was being created, they have put a lot of time and thought into this. Just really great guys with an amazing product. Check it out!

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