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I only want a function of sync selected notebook!
There are bunch of requirements with sync selected notebook. But, ENVERNOTE said no!

If you mean you want all notebooks on the EN servers (AKA "cloud") but only sync down selected ones at work (like Dropbox does), not possible at this time. I don't know if that's on EN's to do list. and google calender integration would be great!
Cal is so funny, but I would like to use the original APP.

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 1.reach an impasse:遭遇窘境
2.childhood issues:童年的问题 a natural at sth.:擅长做某事

4.roll the dice:滚筛子 pedantic:迂腐的

6.look on the bright side:从积极的一面看问题

7.choke on sth:吃。。噎到

8.have a little spat:口水战(sheldon一直乐此不疲的)

9.take your mind off those things:不要再想这些问题

10.back off:让开 itching to do sth:渴望做某事

12.have the guts to do:有勇气做某事(eg.Raj will never have the guts to talk to hot girls.)

13.pick up on all her little hints:领会她的某些暗示 a little peeved:耍脾气 an empire with sb from the ground:与某人一起白手起家

16.It's a sign:这是注定的

17.drift out:开小差(字面意思:汽车移滑=half-listening/half-minded)

18.blend in:融入圈子

19.put yourself down:摆平自己(=swallow your pride)

20.I‌‌‌‌‌‌‘m a little on edge:我刚有点激动,不耐烦(貌似是sheldon说的)

21.It baffles me:。。让我不解(sheldon常说)

22.miss speaking for the couple now:妻管严(Haward说Penny 和Leonard)

23.obnoxious and insufferable:又讨厌又难以忍受(好像是Leonard说Sheldon)

24.expel sb from the country:把某人从国家驱逐出去(Raj)

25.Be deported:被驱逐

26.on trial:在实验中或者受审

27.lose my cool:哥不淡定了(这么觉得这能Sheldon 能说出来) into a dead end:死路一条 adept at reading facial cues:擅长察言观色(from Sheldon )

30.conjugal visit:夫妻之间的访问

31.I'm the third wheel:我是电灯泡

32.make a pact:约法三章

33.pull strings:套近乎

34.maternity leave:产假

35.buckle down:认真做事或者扣紧


37.future appears to be bleak:前途惨淡

38.What stakes do you propose:你和我赌神马? have a wager:你有赌注了

40.ironic doesn't agree with me:我不喜欢讽刺

41.shack up with sb:与某人同居

42.first come,first serve:先到先得

43.take the pressure off:卸下压力

44.fix on the trivial:为小事纠结(Leonard 形容Sheldon) a moment filled with biblical resonance:醍醐灌顶

46.self-criticism and repentance:自我批评和后悔

47.catch a break:休息一下

48.buoy my spirit:振奋精神

49.lessen your discomfort:减轻你的不适

50.ground-breaking strikes:极大的打击 trajectory has taken a minor detour:职业道路有点偏差

52.with a docterate:获得博士学位(eg.Haward is the only men who does not possess a doctrate.) a godsend:及时雨

54.I am engineered:我是试管婴儿's life revolve around:某人的生活以。。为中心 wiped clean:一干二净了

57.beneath the exterior,there are cracks:在貌似完好的外表下充满了危机 off :冷静下来

59.Mull over:考虑

60.go off on the wrong foot:有些误解

61.I'm in no position to do:我没有打算去做。。

62.I don't possess the tool of leadership:我不擅长领导

63.pipe dream:白日梦

64.deploy out on a mission:为一个任务差遣

65.old prank:常用的笑话-fall for one of sheldon's old pranks

66.hover over my head:在我脑袋中盘旋

67.telephone is unlisted:没有存电话

68.sullen teenage daughter:沉闷的处于青春期的女儿

69.I'm on fire:我状态超好。 within earshot:还在听力范围之内

71.bonus question:附加题

72.propose an enormous undertaking:费了很大精力

73.I'm not good with cold:我怕冷

74.descend into anarchy:衰退至无政府状态

75.mind-blowing:引起幻觉的,兴奋的 your hole:把嘴闭上

77.make small talk:闲聊

78.get me wrong:误解我

79.get your mind off this:别再想这个了

80.What do you say?:你觉得呢?

81.blissful evening:美妙的夜晚

82.mouthwash:漱口水body wash:沐浴液hair conditioner:护发素

83.catch up with you:跟上你

84.ravish me:蹂躏我吧

85.break dancer:噼啪舞者

86.housewarming gift:搬家礼物

87.a little bubbles forming on the corners of one's mouth:恨得某人咬牙切齿(Penny给Sheldon找CD那集)

88.outearn sb:比某人挣钱多

89.assembly line:流水线 condescening:屈尊的

91.take a nap:小睡一会


93.head off:扼杀

94.quench our thirst:遏制渴望

95.pull together:齐心协力(Penny做头花那集)

96.can't-miss smypossium:不可错过的论坛会

97.get a shot=take a shot:试一试

98.creep sb out:恶心某人 disproportionate to my physical stature:和我体型不成比例

100.unmitigated disaster:为缓解的灾难

101.flash drive:优盘

102.slumdog millionare:平民窟的百万富翁

103.small package good things:浓缩就是精华(Leonard形容自己)

104.moonpie:小甜心(Sheldon的memaww) out:晕倒

106.pop into my head:在我的脑海中出现

107.go black:失去意识


109.intrude on:侵犯

110.take it personally:别介意 too hard on sb:对某人太苛刻 louging on a sofa:在沙发上懒散得躺着

113.enlighten sb:启发某人

114.never-ending stream of:永无止境的。。

115.find out sound:润嗓子

116.menopausal symptoms:更年期

117.perky:活泼(penny 去试镜) tempted:被。。吸引

119.smooth talker:擅长谈话的人

120.despite a hard and crusty shell,he is a sensitive men:在坚强的外表下,他是一个内心敏感的人

121.nuture it and make it shine:培养它

122.get over oneself:别自以为是 it off:取消

124.get braces off:把牙套去掉 hubris and my pride:我的自以为是和骄傲

126.a little carried away:有点过分 pick up on that:你看穿了

128.hit it off:合得来 behind on one's bill:手头紧

130.move a conversation forward:推进谈话

131.get off my case:别管我

132.It's my treat.:我请客

133.takeout food:外带


135.The die has been cast:木已成舟

136.bring it on yourself:自找

137.lay the following conundrum at your feet:自找困难

138.conversation opener:开场白

139.slide over one:坐座位向旁边移一个

140.tell on sb:打小报告(Leonard向Sheldon他妈)

141.that is big of you:气量大(Penny形容Sheldon)

142.well played:够狠(Sheldon 和PeNNY 斗那集)


144.put it on the agenda:放在行程中

145.put it on mute:放静音

146.take a stand:明确立场

147.rever sb:崇拜某人(Sheldon的女学生)

148.You are so witty:你真狡猾 tickles:痒痒

150.doze off:打瞌睡

151.I'M On a roll:人气高

152.hassle with:与。。斗争 door is open:我随时欢迎你

154.weep for:流泪

155.second-rate mind/lesser mind/mediocro mind:智商一般的(Sheldon 说烂了都)

156.I'm close to a breadthrough:我差点就破记录了

157.lower a bar:降低标准

158.flaunt one's success:炫耀某人的成功

159.close-up:特写 rife with:充满了

161.crash to the ground:化为huijin

162.make oneself scarce:溜走

163.make pee-pee:尿尿

164.screen people out:筛选人

165.snort of derision:嘲讽的声音

166.shore up self-esteen:建立起自尊

167.I'll take the bullit:我先试吧

168.spy on sb:监视某人 is a close talker:善于交谈的人

170.get on my nerve:惹毛我了

171.cross my mind:出现在我的脑海中

172.I don't kown where I am:我不知道自己所处的位置

173.We are a good fit:我俩很合适

174.she speaks my language:她和我是一路人 at each other's throat:看对方不顺眼

176.hobnob with people :与人过分亲近

177.beat our brains out:绞尽脑汁

178.make a habit of it:形成习惯

179.dwell on:总想着

180.go off:走火

181.Life I envisioned/pictured for us:我所预想的生活 meant for each other:天生的一对

183.have a yen for me:对我蠢蠢欲动

184.thoughts started taking precedence over feeling:理性战胜利感性 the last days expired:随着剩下几天慢慢消逝

186.keep options open:保持自由身(Leonard描述他和penny的交往)

187.hook up with sb:与某人交往

188.Are you high:你喝高了么?

189.hold out for rediculous fatasy:坚持无聊的幻想

190.I do not judge a book by its cover,I'am interested in the person underneath:我不会以貌取人

191.masturbatory fantasies:YY

192.fiddle with oneself:摆弄自己

193.sink to his level:降低到他的水平

194.the more,the merrier:人越多,越好 innocent with:装清纯

196.put it on vibrant:调成振动

197.take some sense into you:调教调教你

198.remarkable and high-achieving:有卓越成就的(Sheldon讽刺Penny没学问时) length:详细的


201.ransack our home:洗劫我们家(Sheldon他们家里被洗劫那集)

202.bludgeon us to death:把我们给打死(Leonard 说Penny的第N位男友)

203.I‌’m the master of my badder:我能控制我的膀胱(这么经典的当然是Sheldon的)

204.backup power supply:备用电池(貌似第一季中spare 也可以指备用的东西)

205.sleep continue to elude me:我还是睡不着

206.born and rasied:土生土长的

207.forfeit the award:放弃奖项


209.trample me to death:把我踩死

210.stage fright:上台恐慌(Sheldon打死都不上台那集)

211.I am a little low on money:我有点缺钱

212.noise-cancelling earphone:消音耳机

213.female jibber jabber:女性之间的闲谈


215.they can't funtion with me:他们不能没有我(Sheldon很大言不惭的)

216.I‌‌‌‌‌‘m on a cloud:我飘飘然了


218.heart rate is elevated:心跳加速 the I's and cross the T's:得寸进尺

220.knock yourself out:请自便特大号

222.dust the cherry with sugar:在樱桃上散一点糖

223.I wronged you:我对不起你

224.escape the miasma of guilt:逃离自责的深渊

225.on a different note:另外 up the price:抬高物价 uptight about sth:斤斤计较

228.a shitty job:很糟的工作 a little class:显示出一点风度

230.get laid:与某人亲热(或者不止)


232.Good pep talk:振奋人心的讲话

233.always stay in the middle of the pack:畏首畏尾

234.have a little subtlety:机灵点

235.loose things up:活跃气氛

236.It‌’s packed:挤满了人

237.let sb.sober up:让某人醒酒

238.I‌‌‌‌‌‘m no stranger:我不是外人 appeal:性吸引

240.stalk sb.:跟踪某人

241.You catch me out:你抓到我了

242.put me off:让我分心 a menace to sb:对某人来说是一个威胁

244.skip over:跳过

245.brainwash:洗脑 track:离题了

247.face-saving way:留情面

248.stand up to sb:反抗某人

249.cover for me :掩护我

250.hollow dream:空虚的梦(Raj)

251.lamb kabab:羊肉串

252.heat exhaustion:中暑

253.indoctrinate sb.with:用。。来教导某人 interloper encroach on one's territory:某人领地的侵犯者

255.vomit on and off:呕吐不止(Amy亲完Sheldon)

256.girl stick up for each other:女孩们互相为彼此打气

257.mutitasker:一心多用的人 in the mood:在状态

259.crack down pressure:被压力压垮 doesn't hang right on you:你穿这个不好看

261.Make money on it :赚了

262.good call:说得好 made of steel:坚入磐石

264.put a lot of thought:想了很多

265.drop it :别再说了

266.grinding poverty:太穷了

267.flash through my mind:在我的脑海中显现

268.the acting bug never end:对表演的热爱从来没有减轻

269.out of nowhere:无缘无故


271.dream catcher:追梦人

272.remote possibility:可能性很小

273.a blink of an eye:眨眼间


275.I'm a ball:我很厉害

276.Let’s talk numbers:我们来谈价钱吧

277.That was a dig at me:中伤了我

278.get on your feet:准备好

279.after the early happey glow,the nerves begin to set in:早期的欢乐过后就是冲突 dirty:玩阴的 a cutoff:分水岭

282.tie the knots:喜结连理 off:斗舞 your mind:知道你在想神马

285.I have feelings:我有情绪 nailed it:你说对了

287.She is so bendy to me:她总是屈服于我

288.get all buddy-buddy with sb:于某日称兄道弟

289.pep squad:拉拉队 out doing sth.正在做某事

291.hit her up:打电话给她

292.slam on the keys:在键盘上试镜敲打

293.take side:分帮结派

294.have the nerve to do:有勇气 not have a spine:软骨头

296.people-please way through life:通过取悦别人而生存 settle:你总是将就

298.sleep with one eye open:提心吊胆的过日子 rise above sth:不再谈。。了

300.screw up your make-up:把妆弄坏了

301.a huge wake-up call:一个即时的提醒

302.get into this mess:掺和这个

303.I was branded for life:一生都被贴了标签

304.hatch a plan:孕育一个计划

305.throw a fit:大发脾气

306.they are a handful:真难搞

307.our menses are syncing up:我们月经同步了

308.overthink sth.:想多了

309.stuck in a dead-end job:被一个没完没了的工作捆住 is off the table:不可能了 me up a tree:追得我上了树

312.scare him off:把他吓走

313.hipster glass:时髦的眼镜

314.get cracking:开始吧

315.flush him down the toilet:把他冲下厕所(Sheldon对鸟)

316.ditch you:冷落你 can ditch away:你忙你的

318.return the favor:还你人情

319.strick adherence to the literal:严格遵循字面意思

320.both tragic and hysterical:悲剧喜剧同时上演

321.way off:绝对没戏

322.a little cocky:有点自大

323.put sex back on the table:有戏了 the top of my head:不假思索

325.replica of a movie prop:电影道具的复制品

326.fair enough:有道理

327.tough decision:艰难的抉择

328.that's pretty steep:真是狮子大张口(和comic bookstore的人砍价时)

329.get the friend and family discount:亲友价

330.street smart:小聪明

331.mutually contradictory state:相互矛盾的状态

332.kudos:口头表扬 sicken me:你恶心死了

334.cloying cliche:老套的反胃

335.catch my drift:理解我的意思

336.all system go:蓄势待发

337.something is bugging you:你有心事

338.what's are your thoughts on that:你怎么想

339.a floppy disk:一个软盘

340.take a moment:等一下

341.I've outgrown sth.:我对。。已经失去兴趣了

342.stock character:角色老套ludicrous plot:滑稽的情节

343.what a load of hooey:满嘴胡言乱语


345.what kind of a schmuck play is that:你怎么可以装的这么蹩脚

346.tenderhearted poet and crazy daredevil:温柔诗人和疯狂泼皮 sth.behind my back:背着我做什么事

348.soul mate:灵魂旅伴 are missing out:你说错了

350.wall-to-wall fun:无所不在的欢乐 are in for a treat:你有口福了

352.go off for a bite:出去吃饭

353.get them before they get us:先下手为强

354.what pain are you trying to cover up with alcohol:你为何借酒消愁

355.the tone is soothing:语气很安慰人

356.kick a men when he is down:趁人之危

357.go on a hunger strick:绝食

358.slide over there:闪一边去

359.foul mood:糟糕的心情

360.coldcolk him with my Bible:用圣经把他打晕(sheldon他妈说他) are on deck:你准备好


363.smarty-pants:自以为是的人 take note:你注意 are burning up:你发烧了

366.ghostly moan:阴森的叫声rattling of chains:铁链的响声witch's cackle:女巫的尖叫

the trifecta of haunted house cliche:老套的鬼屋三元素

367.take a bow:该谢幕了

368.pass out in a puddle of its own urine:在自己的尿液上倒下

369.that was pretty droll:有点搞笑

370.enjoy your jape:享受你们的圣果吧

371.pester me about sth:用神马来烦我

372.poke fun at a milquetoast academic:吓到了一名胆小的学者

373.through and through:彻头彻尾

374.hit on you:泡你

375.sneak away:偷走

376.palm is a little sweaty:手心有点出汗‌‌‌‌‌‘s consistent with my personality:和我性格相符 rendered speechless by fear:应该表现出吓得无语

379.what does your gut tell you:你第一感觉是神马?

380.sexual fidelity:性忠诚

381.that‌’s really unsettling:有点混乱

382.pending nuptials:即将来临的婚事

383.hop on the bus:跳上车

384.this is all a ruse:这都是把戏


386.yes and no:这不好说

387.i'm looking at no one in particular:我没有针对某人(Sheldon损penny)

388.she pop by to do sth:她来干。。

389.sweetheart neckline:鸡心领 world is crumbling around me:我的世界要崩溃了

391.word on the street is :市面上说。。。

392.i was fooling myself:我在骗自己

393.that could stick in one's craw:那个让某人不爽

394.stroke your head:抚摸你的头 strongarmed to do:被强迫做

396.get your women in line:管好你们的女人

397.set things right:把事情搞对

398.frequenting an opium den:经常逛鸦片窑

399.couple of weirdos:一对怪人(Sheldon和Amy)

400.soul-sucking and ball-shriveling:灵魂恶心,胆小如鼠

401.I will ring it up:我去下单

402.professional standstill you are at:你所处的职业困境

403.parrot it back:鹦鹉学舌一样复述出来

404.the question is moot:这个问题毫无意义

405.impoverished peddler of picture books:穷困潦倒的买书商

406.for the record:强调一下

407.get back to the problem at hand:回到要紧的问题上

408.what to do with a washed-up men:怎样对待一个失败的人

409.turn that frown upside down:把眉头消去

410.fixate on a good-natured simpleton:关注与简单的人

411.get the foot cramp:脚抽筋

412.seems unlikely:不太可能啊

413.I guess it's plausible:可信了

414.make him way in America:在美国生存

415.flaunt our happy relationship:炫耀我们的感情

416.have a keen insight into the human heart:对人心观察敏锐、

417.a very vengeful person:报复心很强的人 my order:点餐

419.we killed the bottle:我们又干掉了一瓶

420.little vixen:小狐狸精

421.he left me in charge:他留我看店 unfriended me:你取消和我好友关系

423.make my own potpourri:整理我的个人文集

424.swat at each other:相互打斗

425.baffling dalliance:厮混

426.don't patronize me:别安慰我了

427.alter the paradigm of our relationship:改变我俩的关系模式 and after known as:以下简称为


430.get a splinter:手滑烂了

431.the crap he pulled on me:当初欺负我的那些把戏

432.take all the credit:都归功与我

433.have a firm grasp on sarcasm:对讽刺不在行


435.uncoordinated nature:不协调的本性

436.congenital lack of masculinity:先天缺失男子气概

437.I platonically support you:我在精神上支持你

438.You picked on me a little bit:你欺负我

439.wet his bed well into his teens:青少年时期还尿床 really need to work on your penmanship:你该练字了

441.make fun of your stutter:取消你的口吃

442.assuage your guilt through altruism:通过做善事减轻负罪感

443.which words is tripping you up:那个词不懂


445.WOuld I be imposing:我打扰你了吗?

446.wander the street with other drunk:和其他醉汉一起在街上晃

447.we are reversed:我们颠倒过来了

448.chew you up and spit you out:把你粉碎了再把你吐出来

449.I tied one on:我喝醉了

450.still harping on that:还在唠叨那个

451.what a puss:真是个娘们

452.know your way around a kitchen:很会下厨

453.I have your back:我挺你

454.I speak from experience:我从经验得来

455.stand up to your bully:和恶霸反抗

456.outrun sb:跑过某人


458.little snarky there:有点毛病多

459.pop out for a moment to evacuate his bowel:走开了一下清了清肠子

460.magic show is a inherently deceitful proposition:魔术表演本来就充满了坑蒙拐骗

461.air is getting a bit thin up there:有点兴奋得喘不上气了

462.go wash up:整理下仪容

463.munch on sth:嚼某物

464.yucky and squishy:恶心的,黏糊糊的

465.see right through that :一眼就看穿

466.short and stacked:又矮又胖

467.clear my head:清醒脑子

468.drink my troubles away:借酒消愁

469.I‌‌‌‌‌‌‘m no expert in women:我不懂女人

470.I’ll say:我同意‌‌‌‌‌‌‘s the alcohol talking:酒后乱语 back her affection:赢回她的爱

473.that approach has Sb written all over it:这是某人做事的风格

474.return the favor:回报你

475.pipe down:闭嘴

476.a pitcher of milk:一罐牛奶

477.snotty noses:流鼻涕

478.shrieky noises:尖叫声

479.settle down:冷静下来

500.pocket watch:怀表

501.snort derisively:嗤之以鼻

502.plunk down thousands of dollars:花很多钱

503.wrap my mind around it:琢磨那件事's a deal breaker:这太伤感情了

505.under what pretext did you lure her here:你用神马借口把她引来’s a tiara:这是个王冠

507.slip right by me:从我身边溜过去

508.sth is too much:这太过分了

509.outburst of human emotion:人类情感的爆发

510.get back together:复合

511.until the flatline:直到死

512.defile my sister:玷污我妹妹

513.emergency prepare drill 紧急情况演习

514.keep our readiness up:时刻准备着

515.rise and shine,sleep head :别睡了

516.apocalyptic disaster:世界末日的灾难

517.reduce mighty edifices to dust:华厦变为尘土

518.engulf the city in flames:火焰吞噬城市

519.the city flow with blood and echo with cries from wounded:人们都受伤,整个城市遍布流血和苦痛的呼喊回声。

520. handset and safety vest:听筒和安全背心 release from NASA: : 美国宇航中心的新闻发布

522.incessant whining: 持续的哭声

523.nutbag: 怪人

524.suspend our friendship: 友谊暂停

525.stripe down the roommate agreement: back: 转回

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I can't download the app from the google play. "error 491" means what?
I am from China.

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Huang Shan, China - Imgur

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IDEO's Tom Hulme + Suzy Stone talk with Peter Day + others, including + +Raspberry Pi, about design thinking — tonight at 8.30pm BST.
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