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How does GMail work? Follow the mail...

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So, how did Lego get it's name? Oh, and Adidas, Nikon and a few more.

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Amazing how few people 'get' advertising on Facebook. Not sure I do completely either.

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"Good design is of social importance, as it means absolutely avoiding waste." Dieter Rams

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Camper's new shop visualises the act of walking - but how can the same design information be conveyed online?

Been encouraged to come back and try Google+ so here we go. However I might kick you all over to follow me on my work account. We'll see. I wonder what +Mike Coulter would say?

Oh my, Google+ is a bit daunting - all these people putting me in circles and no time to organise mine. Do bear with me while I work out what to do. I need a circle secretary...

No sooner had I got into Plusland I left for Blackadder. Literally.
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