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Merry Makowski
Works at MMM Global
Attended Brock University
Lives in Wawa, ON
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Merry Makowski

Buying & Selling  - 

New BTC PTC Site where you can win a car of your dreams!

It's an exclusive advertising and content review site where you will open a page of 30 ads. You will click an ad. If you click an Entry Ad you will receive one or more entries into a drawing to win your DREAM CAR. You can reload the ad page as often as you want to try and win as many entries and GBBG Points as you desire. 

There are 4 Membership Levels:
-Free Member
-Basic Member ($1 per month)
-Standard Member ($3 per month)
-Premier Member ($9 per month and this includes 1 ad position which will rotate constantly the entire time the account is in active Premier status. Premier Members may sell this position to 3rd party advertisers for whatever amount they desire.)

(of course $ are equivalent to BTC value, the only way we can pay for our membership here is in BTC)

The number of ads with entries on each page is determined by the membership level.
The number of entries we earn by clicking on an Entry Ad is determined by the membership level.
Every entry is also a GBBG Point and will be transmitted to GBBG and paid for by BTC.

There are 3 pools: 

-25K Pool
Win any car, truck or SUV with a retail price up to $25,000 USD!

-50K Pool
Win any car, truck or SUV with a retail price up to $50,000 USD!

-100K Pool
Win any car, truck or SUV with a retail price up to $100,000 USD!

When we click on a Entry Ad on the Ads Page, we will receive a certain number of entries based on our level of membership. We decide which pool we wish these entries to be placed into.

GBBG deposit 12% of their revenue into each pool. When the BTC balance of any pool grows to a point that it is equal to the prize value in USD, they immediately conduct a drawing and award a winner. Then, they reset the pool balance to zero and begin building the balance for another drawing.

When a winner is chosen, their member ID number will appear on the Winners Page. GBBG will contact them and immediately begin the process of awarding their prize. The winner will visit any new car dealership and select any brand-new vehicle they desire, with a total price (including tax and delivery) up to the prize amount. GBBG will then arrange terms with the dealership to pay for the vehicle and deliver it to the winner. For example, if you win a 50K Pool drawing, you may go to any new car dealership and select any vehicle you desire with a total price (including tax and delivery) up to $50,000 USD  Smiley

100% Transparency
Data updated daily from previous day’s revenue. The following table shows the bitcoin addresses of various pools important to the members. This information can be confirmed through 3rd party sites to be proven 100% trustworthy and accurate.

Pool   Bitcoin Address   Balance
25K Drawing Pool   1BXqViyCSPXhLs7F8TvWkPEeeohWQo7XPC            0.438400 BTC | $ 59.66 USD
50K Drawing Pool   16BWUQKd8w2ek65sxSFdTJzVY1Gt673wwq            0.438900 BTC | $ 59.73 USD
100K Drawing Pool   1Nz9byQguChXZDd4aohT3bBoZc2axJYwhU    0.438900 BTC | $ 59.73 USD
Referral Compensation Pool   12SBEQwjDznceMJaZJDuEJTqFrzsq33AkH    0.521254 BTC | $ 70.93 USD


"We update the information on this page daily. Each day we transfer funds from our general revenue account to the appropriate pools. We also transmit revenue to GBBG, which is further transferred to various pools for bitbillions and the GBBG Matrix. You can verify GBBG Matrix and bitbillions data on the Transparency page on for further transparency.

Anyone on earth can independently verify the data on this page. We cannot fake or manipulate this data in any way. One of the beautiful things about bitcoin is that the blockchain is 100% transparent. Therefore, you can copy/paste the bitcoin address of any of these pools into ANY blockchain explorer and verify the balance yourself. You can even use your own bicoin client to verify this data if you are an advanced bitcoin user."

Sales Revenue:  General BTC Address

12%  25K Pool
12%  50K Pool
12%  100K Pool
40%  Referral Comp Pool

This is going to be a major site with many members.  The registrations (through BitBillions free membership) only have started.  
At this very moment there are: Total Members: 711

Free Members: 677
Basic Members: 2
Standard Members: 3
Premier Members: 29

Register now:
grab your own ref link, share it with others and  Smiley, you will get nicely rewarded even if you do not win that dream car...
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Very nice to see +1, thank you Steven.  I am not sure if you have heard about GBBG organization, (this PTC is their first released product with many more coming shortly), if not, maybe you can find a moment to look at  their main website and read their story:

There are many great people, many ideas inside, I am confident you will like what you see.
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Merry Makowski

Dyskusje ogólne  - 
GBBG to nie social media ale social projekt, moze poczytacie:  
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6,311 people
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Merry Makowski

Shared publicly  - 
If you are a bitcoin enthusiast, please read this :-)
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Merry Makowski

Shared publicly  - 
(For my Polish friends and contacts) Dla moich polskich przyjaciol i znajomych, zainteresujcie sie Bitcoins i BitBillions, warto...
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Van egy értékes információm, amiről meggyőződésem, hogy fontos a számodra!
Úgy gondolom ahogy mindannyian az országban,
Te is keresel más bevételszerző tevékenységet, 
amellett, amivel most foglalkozol... (...?...)

Azért kerestelek meg, mert együtt dolgozom 
egy abszolút megbízható,tisztességes, 9 éve 
működő magyar vállalattal.
A programját az egyediség, a tudományosság 
jellemzi, illetve, hogy tömegek számára 
nyújt megoldást. 
Mára már egy hatalmas, stabil törzsvásárlói
klubbá nőtte ki magát, 42 országban...

A vállalatunk elindított
egy olyan innovatív GPS programot.
(ami egy díjnyertes magyar program) 
aminek a lényege a következő:

A program a vállalat fogyasztóit egy 
keretrendszerbe szervezi, aminek köszönhetően, 
akár teljesen más, idegen emberek fogyasztásából is tudsz részesülni.

Ez úgy fog látszódni, mint egy nemzetközi forgalom, 
ami számodra is bevételt generál és a bevételed 
a (nemzetközi) fogyasztói közösség fejlődésével arányosan növekszik!

Nekem egy kérdésem maradt a végére:
- mivel ez világújdonság, tényleg az elsők között vagy, az az elsők közt szólok Neked...
ugye akarsz részesedni a munkánk eredményéből?

Akkor keress meg:, vagy a: Flavon GPS ajánló oldalon:
Hi !

There is a valuable information we believe is Important to hurt you!
I think we all in the country ,
You're looking for other revenue generating activity ,
Which besides deal now ... ( ...? ... )

I was looking for it Because I work with
an absolutely reliable , fair , 9 years
English working now .
The uniqueness of the program , the scholarship
Characterized , and hurt for the masses
provides a solution .
It is now a large , stable customer loyalty
Into the club has grown to 42 Countries ...

The company Launched
an innovative GPS program .
( an award -winning program in English)
Which is the core of the following:

The program is one of the company 's customers
organizing framework , giving ,
You can receive completely different to even strangers ingesting too .

The way it shows up as an international traffic ,
Which you can generate income and revenue
The ( international) community development increases with the Consumer !

I have a question at the end :
- Because this is a world first , and really one of the first to tell you one of the first ...
Do you want to benefit from the results of our work?

You can find me : or :

Es ist ein wertvoller Informationen, die wir glauben, dass Ihnen wichtig ist !
Ich denke, dass wir alle im Land,
Sie sind für andere ertragsgenerierenden Aktivitäten suchen,
Neben dem jetzt beschäftigen ... ( ...? ... )

Ich war für sie suchen , weil ich die Arbeit mit
eine absolut zuverlässige , faire , 9 Jahre
Ungarische jetzt.
Die Einzigartigkeit des Programms , das Stipendium
dadurch gekennzeichnet und dass für die Massen
eine Lösung .
Es ist jetzt eine große, stabile Kundenbindung
in einen Club hat in 42 Länder gewachsen ...

Das Unternehmen startete
eine innovative GPS -Programm.
( Ein preisgekröntes Programm auf Ungarisch)
die den Kern der folgenden ist :

Das Programm ist eines von Kunden des Unternehmens
Organisation von Rahmen , geben,
Sie können sogar erhalten ganz andere Fremde Einnahme zu .

Die Art und Weise zeigt sich als internationaler Verkehr,
was kann man Einkommen und Einnahmen zu generieren
die (internationale ) Verbraucher Gemeindeentwicklung steigt mit !

Ich habe eine Frage zum Schluss:
- Da es sich um eine Weltneuheit , und wirklich eine der ersten, die Ihnen sagen, einer der ersten ...
wollen Sie aus den Ergebnissen unserer Arbeit profitieren?

Sie können mich finden : oder :
Здравствуйте !

Существуетценная информация мы считаем, что важно для вас !
Я думаю, что мы все в этой стране ,
Вы ищете другой принесшую доход компании ,
а кроме того, дело сейчас ... ( ... ? ... )

Я искал его , потому что я работаю с
абсолютно надежный , справедливый, 9 лет
Венгерский работает.
Уникальность программы , стипендии
охарактеризованы, и что для масс
обеспечивает решение .
В настоящее время большая , стабильная лояльность клиентов
в клуб вырос в 42 страны ...

Компания запустила
инновационная программа GPS .
(наградами программа на венгерском языке)
которая является ядром из следующих действий:

Программа является одним из клиентов компании
организации рамки , давая ,
Вы даже можете получить совершенно разные незнакомцев глотая слишком .

Как это проявляется в качестве международного трафика ,
которые вы можете получать доход и доход
(международный) развитие потребительского сообщества увеличивается с !

У меня есть вопрос в конце :
- Потому что это первый в мире , и в самом деле одним из первых , чтобы рассказать вам один из первых ...
Вы хотите воспользоваться результатами нашей работы ?

Вы можете найти меня :или : рекомендация страницы
Hola !

Hay una información valiosa que creemos que es importante para usted !
Creo que todos en el país,
Usted está en busca de otra actividad generadora de ingresos ,
además de que se ocupan ahora ... (... ? ... )

Yo estaba buscando porque yo trabajo con
Una de las estancias confiables , justo, 9 años
húngaro de trabajo ahora .
La singularidad del programa , la beca
caracterizado , y que para las masas
proporciona una solución .
Ahora es un grande, la lealtad del cliente estable
en un club que ha crecido a 42 países ...

La compañía lanzó
un programa de GPS innovadora .
( Un programa galardonado en húngaro)
que es el núcleo de los siguientes:

El programa es uno de los clientes de la compañía
marco organizar , dar,
Usted puede incluso recibir completamente diferentes extraños que ingieren demasiado .

La forma en que se muestra como un tráfico internacional,
que puede generar ingresos y los ingresos
el desarrollo de la comunidad de los consumidores ( internacional ) aumenta con !

Tengo una pregunta al final:
- Debido a que este es un mundo primero , y realmente uno de los primeros en decir que uno de los primeros ...
Qué quieren beneficiarse de los resultados de nuestro trabajo ?

Me puedes encontrar : o : página recomendación
Buna ziua!

Există o informație valoroasă credem că este important pentru tine !
Cred că suntem cu toții în țară ,
Sunteți în căutarea pentru alte activități generatoare de venituri ,
în afară de ceea ce face acum ... ( ... ? ... )

Am fost în căutarea pentru el pentru că lucrez cu
un absolut sigure , echitabile , 9 ani
ungar de lucru acum .
Unicitatea programului , bursa
caracterizat , iar pentru mase
oferă o soluție .
Acesta este acum o loialitate mare , client stabil
într-un club a crescut de la 42 de țări ...

Compania a lansat
un program de GPS-ul inovator .
( Un program premiat în limba maghiară )
care este nucleul de următoarele :

Programul este unul dintre clienții companiei
organizarea de cadru , oferind ,
Puteți primi chiar complet diferite străini ingerarea prea .

Modul în care aceasta apare ca un trafic internațional ,
pe care le puteți genera venituri și venituri
( internațional ), dezvoltarea comunității de consum crește cu !

Am o întrebare la final :
- Pentru că aceasta este o lume în primul rând , și într-adevăr unul dintre primii să-ți spun una dintre primele ...
vrei pentru a beneficia de rezultatele muncii noastre ?

Poți să-mi găsi : sau : Pagina recomandare GPS
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Merry Makowski

Shared publicly  - 
Have you bought some bitcoins yet?
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Hi Robert, thanks for replying here, otherwise I would miss you here in Wawa.  I am totally impressed with BTC, but I am not mining. I am trying to get my hubby interested in it, but no luck yet, he prefers to work on his computers for now.

Let us chat more on Skype please 
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Merry Makowski

Shared publicly  - 
Just for Polish marketers and Polish Bitcoins enthusiasts, and  of course my Polish friends and contacts 
tigar elsharm's profile photo
i want see you?
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Merry Makowski

Shared publicly  - 
Amazing, and most of us still did not hear about bitcoins...  
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