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Thinking about Michael Macklin today as I prepare to go to Stonecoast tomorrow and give my version of the talk he was supposed to give, How Poetry Can Save Your Life. 

Wow, two points to Nemitz for a takedown of the governor, complete with a bullying note in his own handwriting. Can't say he didn't ask for it. :

When you have a spare eighteen minutes, check out co-founder Susan Conley talking about The Telling Room and why kids need more storytelling in their lives. :

This amazing project has 61 hours to go. They are about $5k short of their goal but have a donor matching every donation. So it's only $2500! Let's make it happen. :

If you're near downtown Wednesday, I'll be reading/signing my book of poems at the library. Also check out the summer Brown Bag schedule: Richard Ford, Richard Russo, Monica Wood, Dawn Potter, etc. :

Patty Hagge and writers of the great wide world, find your place on this Venn Diagram. Maybe this could hang at a certain writing center for easy reference? :

It's not even June yet, and the Cubs are officially the worst team in baseball. Let the moral victories begin. They won today--watch out, Padres, we're gunning for you. 

Portlanders: really cool person coming here for an event with wife and baby. Anyone know anyone who will be out of town and would share their house June 15-17/18? 

Have had this stuck in my head all week. Funny, literate Maine hip-hop. :Spose - Gee Willikers (Official Music Video)
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