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Works for me.

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"The reason SSL uses a different port than TLS is because a TLS connection begins as plain text, and switches to encrypted traffic after the STARTTLS directive.  SSL connections are encrypted from the beginning.  Other than that there are no substantial differences between the two." #til

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Booted a machine I got a few weeks ago to the bios to change some things and was confronted with this.

Amazing, it's about time someone moved on beyond the mainframe style menus we have been suffering through for decades. Nice job Intel, keep it up! 

I'm documenting a MySQL gotcha.  It's draining the life out of me just explaining it.

I've got a site at work that is loading slow from Asia, and corporate wants it fixed.  Anyone have any suggestions?  It's not running HTTPS at all if that helps.

"It's like rebuilding a running engine." That is the best description I've heard for doing systems admin work. +Scott Morris 

Replacing an old FreeBSD install with a Gentoo one.  Kinda sad to lose my last BSD install, but I'm glad to get to use Gentoo more at work, too.

Well, poop.  Looks like our only FreeBSD install is gonna go away.  Had an HDD crash on me, and my diagnosis skills are nil compared to Linux.

Fortunately, it was only the root drive that got whacked.  The ZFS pool is happy-okay-dandy. :D

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Something you never thought of. (Yes, I had to independently confirm this myself as well.)

I don't like having only one copy of backups. :(

I think that debugging cron jobs is probably the hardest thing I ever have to do in my job. :|
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