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Christmas Letter 2016
Another wonderfully full
year for our family, fortunately now in a home that fits! We moved to another
rental in the same village early this Summer. Here’s a rundown of the Carter
clan and many of our fun adventures. Easton , 12, 7 th grade – Froze at Scout...

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Christmas Letter 2015
Before I post our 2016 letter, I figured I'd post our 2015 letter to catch this record up a bit. Star Valley, WY Merry Christmas! Another
year has flown by with many significant experiences for our family. We have now
loved living in Germany for 7 years! Th...

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Finding my rhythm
We've been working our way through a stomach bug with at least two people down with it since Thursday. Symptoms seem to last about five days or so but no fever. Jake and Aliza currently have it. McKay stayed home yesterday saying he had a belly ache but it ...

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Digging in to the New Year!
Ryan sent me on a Mom Escape last weekend as my Christmas/birthday present. Nothing could top that in this season of my life! It was just the break I needed to have quiet time to think, write, sleep, and love on Aliza. We were recently surprised to find out...

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Aliza's name
Since Aliza was born in Germany, we wanted a name that reflected her German heritage. But a lot of them are doozies! I had a short list of names but hadn't settled on anything yet. I really liked the name Anna but really felt Johanna was to be her middle na...

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Birth Story - Aliza Johanna
This was written the day after Aliza's birth. It's long and I haven't had time to give it a good edit, but I hate to wait for a good time to get it done because our life is just so very full these days! About an hour after her birth. The Klinik uses these h...

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The Stories That Bind Us
Bob & Lorry Reid, 1944 my maternal grandparents A few months ago, a friend shared a  NYTimes article  with me by this title "The stories that bind." The author asked, " What is the secret sauce that holds a family together? What are the ingredients that mak...

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A school night with five kids ten and under
The scene in our home at 8pm tonight. We try to aim for a 7:30 bedtime on school nights, but . . . Morgan (6) is bounding from room to room like a clumsy puppy trying to throw everyone off the scent of who her Secret Santa person is. Ryan printed "Your Secr...

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Homeschooling Easton
Did I mention I'm homeschooling Easton this school year? Yes, that's happening. Short answer for why is that he has been asking to be homeschooled for a couple years now and I've wanted to give it a go too.  And yes, I did just have a baby. I might be crazy...

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McKay is 8!
McKay's baptism - April 19, 2014 McKay has been looking forward to turning 8 for quite some time now! It's a big birthday - he chose to be baptized, he got to join Cub Scouts, he selected his favorite meals for the day, and he planned his birthday party!  F...
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