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OH, DEAR! Not nice pictures on my Google+ feed via "What's Hot". Any way to remove it???

I'm goin' to the National Hydropower Association Pumped Storage Workshop in Bellevue next Monday. Can't wait! :)

Off to class. I surely picked the "hard way" to do this. Hope I can make up some ground this week and start to feel like I'm not drowning. :)

Setting Savannah up with a cute little "development tool" for kids, to practice basic (as in, beginning) programming. Java, here we come!

It's interesting how I ventured out of my normal pattern of Google searches and found a whole different part of the Internet that I didn't know was there. :)

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I made the news, along with 2 WSU classmates and 20 other fabulous students nationwide. I'm SUPER EXCITED about this opportunity!

My local newspapers require an online subscription to read their articles. How am I supposed to link to them if they do that? I might have a subscription [NOT] but my online friends very likely do not.

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Counting down to flight time.... I fly so infrequently it's like learning how all over again every time! See you at!
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