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I miss that warm we had..not the 100f ,not the 90f...but that 80-86f or so. I know that I cant take that stuff they live with in San Francisco..I mean,c'mon Hayward was at 80f,and I saw SF had gone down to 59F near the end of the heatwave. Where in the east...

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Who will rid us of that Idiot in the White House?
Mueller better pack a punch...Trump is near psychotic and the GOP backs him on whatever he does. Even with the guy with the head too small and pointy-Senator Tre somebody of some cold state- is freaky looking and acting. Who votes for that freak? All those ...

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Mike Savage Weiner need to have his liver get infected by Rock Star soda. Oh,the irony.
Its scary that madman has people who listen to the madman who is always wrong.  Our local 415 blogger fawning is pure embarrassing..Its like reading what Trump staff say around the big table as fearless leader soaks in it.

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Maybe Obama WANTED Trump to win?
Maybe after 8 years of the endless and vile racist postings,theats,jokes at his very existence and culture,Barack Obama deep down thought "Give these bigots what they want. Somebody who will take their health care,promise jobs that never come,causes rioting...

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Some media hitting harder. Its about time.
MSNBC with Laurence and Maddow have been using words like liar about the Trump. I think gloves are coming off as Trump threatens to take down society- or as his main man Steve Bannon tells him "De -construct the country" What THEY would replace it with is b...

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Who's immigrating to the Bay Area?
Was at a swearing in ceremony at the Paramount today for a friend.  Did you know 95 countries were represented?..even white countries! No.1 China. No.2 India No.3 Philippines ( loudest cheers from) 4. Mexico. Go figure.

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I told you..Red State Republicans WANT a Trump dictatorship. Its nationalism and yes,racism.
Its why he's never going to drop below 35%...that core is all for Trump's illegal agenda. See,like Trump they DON'T care about the greater good. They don't care about Global Warming real or not. They don't believe in evolution. A far as the greater good? AL...

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Sean Spicer lets Russian media ask questions...but not CNN. Traitor Sean Spicer.
How low has Trump sunk? the title. I can hardly wait for justice to remove them all. I will applaud it. Make popcorn.

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I like warm..80's are great. too much. The heat gave me a terrific headache last night..I had to put a wet washcloth on my noggin. Even with the A/C going at daytime chores must have got to me. You know,something as simple as that remedy c...

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How long will the media not say the words "Traitor" "Treason" "Criminal"?
Look- if everything being investigated turns out to be done...Traitor is all the above. Its amazing how they dance around this fact. They SHOULD be pounding a drum to it. They even go as far to say "Money laundering" without saying that its ...
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