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Tervetuloa PINS-etuohjelmaan! PINS on kansainvälinen ja innovatiivinen etuohjelma, jolla on yli 700 paikallista, kansainvälistä ja verkossa toimivaa kumppania.
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This is how you do it people! #Finnair  
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Great piece on the implications of Google's new Chromecast!
Google just demoted your television set into a second screen, a slave to your phone or tablet or laptop. With the $35 Chromecast you can with one click move anything you find on your internet-connected device — YouTube video, Netflix, a web page as well as music and pictures and soon, I’d imagine, games — onto your big TV screen, bypassing your cable box and all its ridiculous and expensive limitations.

Unlike Apple TV and Airplay, this does not stream from your laptop to the TV; this streams directly to your TV — it’s plugged into an HDMI port — over wi-fi via the cloud … er, via Google, that is. Oh, and it works with Apple iOS devices, too.

I’m just beginning to get a grasp on all the implications. Here are some I see.

* Simply put, I’ll end up watching more internet content because it’s so easy now. According to today’s demonstration, as soon as I tell Chrome to move something to my TV, the Chromecast device will sense the command and take over the TV. Nevermind smart TVs and cable boxes; the net is now in charge. There’s no more awkward searching using the world’s slowest typing via my cable box or a web-connected TV. There’s no more switching manually from one box to another. If it’s as advertised, I’ll just click on my browser and up it comes on my TV. Voila.

* Because Google issued an API, every company with web video — my beloved TWiT, for example — is motivated to add a Chromecast button to its content.

* Thus Google knows more about what you’re watching, which will allow it to make recommendations to you. Google becomes a more effective search engine for entertainment: TV Guide reborn at last.

* Google gets more opportunities to sell higher-priced video advertising on its content, which is will surely promote.

* Google gets more opportunities to sell you shows and movies from its Play Store, competing with both Apple and Amazon.

* YouTube gets a big boost in creating channels and building a new revenue stream: subscriptions. This is a paywall that will work simply because entertainment is a unique product, unlike news, which is — sorry to break the news to you — a commodity. I also wonder whether Google is getting a reward for all the Netflix subscriptions it will sell.

* TV is no longer device-dependant but viewer-dependant. I can start watching a show in one room then watch it another and then take it with me and watch on my tablet from where I left off.

* I can throw out the device with the worst user interface on earth: the cable remote. Now I can control video via my phone and probably do much more with it (again, I’m imagining new game interfaces).

* I can take a Chromecast with me on the road and use it in hotel rooms or in conference rooms to give presentations.

Those are implications for me as a user or viewer or whatever the hell I am now. That’s why I quickly bought three Chromecasts: one for the family room, one for my office, one for the briefcase and the road. What the hell, they’re cheap.

Harder to fully catalog are the implications for the industry — make that industries — affected. Too often, TV and the oligopolies that control it have been declared dead yet they keep going. One of these days, one of the bullets shot at them will hit the heart. Is this it?

* Cable is hearing a loud, growing snipping sound on the horizon. This makes it yet easier for us all to cut the cord. This unravels their bundling of channels. I’ll never count these sharks out. But it looks like it could be Sharknado for them. I also anticipate them trying to screw up our internet bandwidth every way they can: limiting speeds and downloading or charging us through the nose for decent service if we use Chromecast — from their greedy perspective — “too much.”

* Networks should also start feeling sweaty, for there is even less need for their bundling when we can find the shows and stars we want without them. The broadcast networks will descend even deeper into the slough of crappy reality TV. Cable networks will find their subsidies via cable operators’ bundles threatened. TV — like music and news — may finally come unbundled. But then again, TV networks are the first to run for the lifeboats and steal the oars. I remember well the day when ABC decided to stream Desperate Housewives on the net the morning after it aired on broadcast, screwing its broadcast affiliates. They’d love to do the same to cable MSOs. Will this give them their excuse?

* Content creators have yet another huge opportunity to cut out two layers of middlemen and have direct relationships with fans, selling them their content or serving them more targeted and valuable ads. Creators can be discovered directly. But we know how difficult it is to be discovered. Who can help? Oh, yeah, Google.

* Apple? As someone said on Twitter: Apple should have made this. 

Yes, Apple could throw out its Apple TV and shift to this model. But it’s disadvantaged against Google because it doesn’t offer the same gateway to the entire wonderful world of web video; it offers things it makes deals for, things it wants to sell us.

* Amazon? Hmmm. On the one hand, if I can more easily shift things I buy at Amazon onto my TV screen — just as I read Kindle books on my Google Nexus 7 table, not on an Amazon Kindle. But Amazon is as much a control freak as Apple and I can’t imagine Jeff Bezos is laughing that laugh of his right now.

* Advertisers will see the opportunity to directly subsidize content and learn more about consumers through direct relationships, no longer mediated by both channels and cable companies. (That presumes that advertisers and their agencies are smart enough to build audiences rather than just buying mass; so far, too many of them haven’t been.) Though there will be more entertainment behind pay walls, I think, there’ll still be plenty of free entertainment to piggyback on.

* Kids in garages with cameras will find path to the big screen is now direct if anybody wants to watch their stuff.

What other implications do you see?
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Olli Lainto

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Appreciate the "early" releases, gives us international fans a chance to stay in the loop with the other fans. BEYOND from Finland! 

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Jellona testi
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Hipster NSA was into data before they got big.
Hipster NSA only taps underground cables.
Hipster NSA says you don’t really collect data until you listen to it.
Hipster NSA stopped 50 terrorist attacks. You’ve probably never heard of them.
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Nessi (+Vanessa Ginman) and Yassi representing the +Google Suomi office today - Finnish agencies are in good hands. One video tells more than a thousand words: Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder - Ebony And Ivory (Live at the White House 2010).
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Herää pahvi! Nyt on tosi kyseessä!
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Loving this!
Watch what happens when Heineken asked travelers at JFK to take a leap of faith and change their flight destination with the "departure roulette" board.
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I'm a digital marketing superhero by day, and an vide gaming wannabe fitness athlete by night.

An internationally experienced, multilingual, digital native with a dash of viking fury. 

I'm passionate about digital marketing and currently work at Coalition Rewards in Helsinki, Finland as a Marketing Manager. When I'm not kicking ass in the digital marketing field I enjoy working out, playing sports and traveling around the globe.

I've had great experiences working for agencies as well for large and small in-house B2B and B2C marketing teams. I have several years of experience in large multinationals: Google, 3M and Nike and a solid understanding of the business challenges of large, mid-market and small businesses.


* Online Marketing: branding and ROI-focused initiatives

* Google AdWords & Google Analytics

* Website Development & Optimization

* Social Media & Mobile Marketing 

* E-Commerce and Conversion Optimization

* Strategic Brand Consulting 

For more about ME, what I THINK and what I DO, please see my LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram profiles! 

Bragging rights
Passed my forklift operator's test on the first try, finished first as part of a 3 man team a 50 kilometer "Ranger's combat march" in the army, graduated top of my class from Tallinn Technical University and from Hult International Business School and got a job working for Google.
  • Hult International Business School
    Master's in Digital Marketing, 2010 - 2012
  • Tallinn School of Economics and Business Administration
    Bachelor's in Business Administration, 2006 - 2008
  • University of Groningen
    Bachelor's in International Marketing, 2008 - 20010
Basic Information
Marketing Manager
Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Digital Strategy, Social Media, SEO, SEM
  • Coalition Rewards
    Marketing Manager, 2013 - present
  • Google
    Marketing Project Manager, 2012 - 2014
  • Global Avenue
    Co-Founder & Consultatn, 2011
  • Werdia Oy
    Sales and Marketing Coordinator, 2011 - 2012
  • Project Manger
    3M (full-time internship, 3 months), 2011 - 2011
  • Nike, Inc.
    Digital Marketing Intern (part-time internship / school project for 4 months), 2011 - 2011
  • Latitude Digital Marketing
    Marketing Intern (part-time internship for 9 months), 2010 - 2011
  • GrowHow UK
    Marketing Analyst, 2009 - 2010
  • Loparex Oy
    Junior Logistics Manager (summer job for altogether 8 months ), 2007 - 2008
  • Lohjan Kumi ja Matto
    Salesperson (summer job for altogether 10 months), 2005 - 2006
  • Various summer jobs at Nokia and Lemminkäinen
    Summer jobs, 2001 - 2005
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Ihka oma taistelujakkarani löysi edustavan paikan heti eteisestä ulko-oven vierestä - kyllä nyt kelpaa! Toimitus tuli muutamassa päivässä, eikä koko tilausprosessista löydy mitään purnattavaa :) Suosittelen!
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Resort with an amazing view. Book a hotel room or a villa with an ocean view, otherwise your better of going somewhere else. The resort is slghtly secluded but you can get to Ao Nang in 15 minutes for all your shopping needs. Stayed 12 nights in December 2013.
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Rento tunnelma, tyylikäs miljöö, osaava henkilökunta ja mahtavat näkymät nostavat mun listalla Helsingin parhaaksi kampaamoksi.
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4 reviews
Let's keep this short and sweet. Bellevue is one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at. The location is amazing, the food delicious and the staff are willing to gove above and beyond traditional customer sevice. I highly recommend this restaurant!
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