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Stop Losing Customers
Stop Losing Customers

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[New Post] 20+ Best ‪#‎EcommercePersonalization‬ Tips and Tools to Get You Started

 Our latest article introduces 20+ ways to bring out the best of your personalization efforts, including the relevant concepts and inspirational examples as well. Learn both the theory and the practice and start boosting your sales today!

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[New Post] 7 Conversion-Inducing Lead Magnets for Your E-commerce Store
Today's article introduces seven of the best conversion-inducing lead magnets for E-commerce businesses to help you turn your visitors into high-value conversions.

Which one will you implement today?

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[NEW POST] 24 Tips to Increase the Sense of Urgency in Your #Ecommerce Site

Today's post explores 24 ways to implement the "ticking clock" of urgency on your site. 

Read the full post here:

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[NEW POST] 5 Actionable Tips To Improve Your ‪#‎PPC‬ Results using ‪#‎OnsiteRetargeting‬
By offering 5 tried-and-true tips our latest article will teach you the ins and outs of using Onsite Retargeting as a way to supercharge your PPC efforts!

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We are proud to present our latest feature: Dynamic Text Replacement!

Dynamic Text Replacement offers an entirely new level of customization for your onsite retargeting campaigns. You can now create fully personalized messages that target your individual visitors.

Let's take a look at how it works:

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[NEW POST] 19 Advanced Ways to Fix Your Cart Abandonement Rate

Do you hate your cart abandonement rate? You’re not alone.
That’s why today’s post brings you 19 advanced ways to fix it and keep people on your site moving towards checkout!

Show your checkout process a little love!

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We’re happy to announce some new ways to target your audience and a new way to control the appearance of your #popups!

Try our new features today!

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Our latest release is out, introducing some awesome new features that will allow our beloved clients to design more advanced #OnsiteRetargeting campaigns. 

Promote your best offers in a nanobar or sticky bar, segment your visitors based on custom variables and enjoy our new mobile template!

Read the full release here:

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14 Unconventional Features Online Stores Use to Boost #Ecommerce  #Conversion  

To keep your business moving forward, we’ve gathered a set of 14 unconventional features that online stores use to grab the attention of their audience, and ultimately, make more sales.
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