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I have spent a lot of time today trying to manage the various forums regarding the Foundation financials.  Very exhausting.  But there seems to be some schaudenfreude from some people who seem to think that this means the end of the GNOME project.  Um no.

People who do not like GNOME have come out and are using this as a vehicle to speak truth to power.  Of course, those same people have also gone out and made it about systemd as well.  Even more amusing, is that some of those haters now wish the same to happen to KDE.  Where THAT came from I have no idea.  Eventually of course, Linux will be the next target cuz you know, you're not doing it the Unix/POSIX way and they plan on taking their toys and move to BSD.

If there are replies to this post, I might not be able to completely respond because I'll be at OSTS for the next couple of days.
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Ignore the trolls. People like that get a kick out of their childish behaviour.

GNOME is great :)
I saw a lot of responses from "blackcain" around reddit and figured that might be you.

thanks for taking the initiative on that. You have some insight into the situation that can only come from being on the board, so your comments are particularly helpful here.
What I have read online seems slightly confusing.
I thought that the outreach program for women was a separate foundation.

The fact that they get internships set up for non gnome projects makes sense in terms of ensuring as many projects are inclusive as possible towards women but doing it within the gnome foundation doesn't make sense.

The gnome foundation should be a participating organization not the organizer.
Correct me if I am wrong about how it works.

Oh and while I have your attention sort out the website already. Please sort it out. -
its a joke that there is still no mention of core apps in the applications section of the main site.
Also the wiki is horrible, oh so horrible with it's massive lists of bullets, its a pain to navigate and comments are not timestamped.

Seriously consider switching to different infrastructure, nodejs based sites will probably get more contributions than what we have now.

It baffles me how that wasn't done already seeing as how javascript was chosen as the go to language for the gnome desktop.

It would probably be easier to start from scratch at this point anyway.  
Just to clarify I am not knocking the great work done with the outreach program. I have issues with how gsoc is approached as well. I would prefer if things like integrating clutter with gtk got higher priority than multiple third party music player's. 
Many of the comments I read were disheartening and unfortunately these people totally misunderstood the importance of OPW, it was a sad day all around.
BSD ... hmm... cough cough *netbsd* cough *poor driver support* :)
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