I have spent a lot of time today trying to manage the various forums regarding the Foundation financials.  Very exhausting.  But there seems to be some schaudenfreude from some people who seem to think that this means the end of the GNOME project.  Um no.

People who do not like GNOME have come out and are using this as a vehicle to speak truth to power.  Of course, those same people have also gone out and made it about systemd as well.  Even more amusing, is that some of those haters now wish the same to happen to KDE.  Where THAT came from I have no idea.  Eventually of course, Linux will be the next target cuz you know, you're not doing it the Unix/POSIX way and they plan on taking their toys and move to BSD.

If there are replies to this post, I might not be able to completely respond because I'll be at OSTS for the next couple of days.
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