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I am really regretting my decision to have not one but two manhattan. I blame +Jim Chamings . My coding is going to look strange tonight.

I've been alone this entire weekend, and man, I was really productive. I spent the whole time in front of a computer coding trying to finish all the stuff from my old job. I'm happy to note that I'm in great shape. While I wished I could have gone with the family trip, staying here has been a great boon as I a can really kick ass on getting my stuff done.

Next week is going to be a lot less stress since I don't have to worry as much about my old job. That said, I've pretty much worked all the time except for last week when I was sick. I need a vacation. :-)
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I had nothing to do with it, other than instruction on making them properly. And I can't even be confident that you did since I wasn't there.

Also: Drinking AND coding alone? You're like a movie character. Don't follow the white rabbit.
hey, I was home alone.. I didn't do much coding after the manhattans I must confess. I prepared my manhattans with 1 shot whiskey, 2 shots sweet sherry, bitters, and a little cherry juice + cherry
After two I didn't really care how it was made after that.
Hmm - sweet sherry. What was you whiskey?
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