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Sriram Ramkrishna (sri)
sysadmin, open source, GNOME, GNOME Community guy, photographer, a man who can hold his breath for 15 minutes
sysadmin, open source, GNOME, GNOME Community guy, photographer, a man who can hold his breath for 15 minutes


I wish I could use Firefox with different profiles at the same time :(

I don't know about y'all, but goddam, I love the animated, morphing windows in the latest GNOME release. It's one of those features that you didn't know you wanted, but when you got it, it is love.

Here's a thought, if we spend all our time in web browsers, why do we care about the operating system? It seems to me that it is now easier than ever to switch to a Free Software desktop of your choice.

Once they make the switch, we need to entice them to try native apps.. and there are great reasons for it, better battery life being one of them, but also a better user experience. With GTK+ we have some great opportunities with creating some really great and unique user experiences that would make it fun using the app.

I am really enjoying this fractional scaling feature.. so yum. :)

Just would like to let people know that I have a new position - Community Manager at +System76!

(also I apparently can't write a post that are grammatically correct)

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GNOME 3.26 "Manchester" has been released!

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A couple of years ago, Josh Triplett and I created a patch series to the kenrel to add "clonefd" -- a file descriptor that will give you the notification that your child process exited, instead of the horrible SIGCHLD. In the LKML, we were told there could be problems with ptrace support.

We haven't made any progress because neither of us has a clue about it. Is there a kind soul who knows anything at all about ptrace and could help us understand what dangers may lie there?

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I am reminded of this blast from the past. The description of GNOME is hilarious and to some extent does remind me of GNOME 1.x :-) These days we are very boring that way, but just as revolutionary. But man, I would love to host a conference in an abandoned warehouse in SFO. :-)

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+Allan Day talks about the status icons and the decision behind removing the tray in the next release. It should be minimal impact, and hopefully will encourage both platform devs to fill in the gaps it leaves behind and provide interesting ways for application writers to replace the status area with something that works better.
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