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Sriram Ramkrishna (sri)

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I've been reading the kdbus thread on LKML and it is a fascinating  look at the various mindsets that goes into discussing something like KDBus who they deem authors as controversial.  I can sometimes understand the friction that occurs between userspace and kernel space when reading these threads.

That said, I enjoy the relatively calm responses that +Greg Kroah-Hartman has been posting.  I'm happy to see that he's at least in a nice environment.  I myself would have been driven to drink and while my answers would have been as calm, I would be frothing at the mouth just typing them! :D  (which is exactly what happens when I'm on some random reddit thread at times)
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That was ... interesting. ;) 
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Sriram Ramkrishna (sri)

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Do not let the Governor of Oregon give away our water rights to corporations like Nestle.  If you're an oregon resident call up the Governor's office and tell them you oppose any deal that gives Nestle water rights.

Water is the most basic right of every living creature on this planet.  Water was always something that we have always given freely to each other as part of being a guest and host.  To give it away for a profit who will screw you during a drought or other disaster is the worst thing.  Let's learn from the experience of the native Indians who did give away their water and land rights to white settlers for very little gain. 
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पीने का पानी!
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OH man.. I made some tacos today.  I'm not talking about those hard shell tacos that your mom made you back in the 80s texmex.  I'm talking about the street tacos you get in Mexico or the taquerias here.

Holy smokes, were they good.. I made up the recipe for the chicken.  Pretty much made everything from scratch.  Salsa, ancho pepper sauce, and the chicken.  I didn't quite follow the recipe for ancho, I threw in some cilantro for added flavor.  I wish I had reduced the onions a tad or had gotten sweet onions or something.

Sorry no pics.. too busy eating them. :-)  I"m so full of love right now...
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+Sriram Ramkrishna can i have some 
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Because it would be stupid not to share
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me encanta esta pic! :)
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Unfortunately,  it seems that the PDX Carpet has been assassinated!

(hat tip:
PDX carpet meets its untimely end at the hands of a proud Portlander who is tired of this stupid meme.
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Oh hell yeah!
Experience the sheer elegance of +GNOME 3.16 in the form of video, directed by +Bastian Hougaard and narrated by +Karen Sandler 
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Music sounds like Wutang Clang 
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Congratulations from all of us at +GNOME to the +elementary team on the release of 'Freya'!  It looks like a great release and we wish you the best of success!
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Thanks Sri! Definitely couldn't have done it without the hard work that you folks do :)
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If you are a hardware vendor, I hope that you will talk to Richard so that firmware updates become really easy under GNOME!
If you're a hardware vendor reading this, I'd really like to help you get your firmware updates working on Linux. Using fwupd we can already update device firmware using UEFI capsules, and also update the various ColorHug devices. I'd love to increase the types of devices supported, ...
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+VahChef Sanjay - when are you going to come up with a recipe for masala puri?  Man, I've tried so many variations and I'm still not quite getting the taste... !!  Accept the challenge! My stomach will thank you! :-)
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You've clearly been doing this too long :D
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Sriram Ramkrishna (sri)

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I was reading the Yelp reviews on that pizzeria who said they wouldn't serve pizzas at a gay wedding.  (there's all kinds of things wrong with that sentence)

I admit that the reviews were amusing, but ultimately self defeating.  The one thing about the Internet is that even if it is against a person with beliefs that you consider wrong, you're still acting like a mob.  This person will learn nothing from the experience.  Shaming folks is not the way to go about it.  They'll just see themselves as a victim and likely double down. 

What should you do?  Yes - do not give the business your money.  Yes, explain respectfully your position and then mind your own business.  What you shouldn't be doing is unleashing your inner asshole, because you think you've found a justifiable target and can let it loose.  You aren't on the side of angels.  You don't fight hate with hate.

Carry on.
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They cannot discriminate whom they serve. That's really easy. And I said nothing at all to vice the police into action, that's what you're reading into my response. You said the police wouldn't take me seriously or maybe even do something against me. I responded to what you said, nothing more. After filling it's up to a prosecutor anyway.

I stated exactly what I do and you're twisting it so you can disagree.
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Carrie Brownstein explained in a 2013 interview with Splitsider that she's found hidden Portlandias in places she visits, like Tulsa.
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I wouldn't really call Tulsa "hipster", save for maybe the Brady Arts District and the Blue Dome District, which neither just gets up it's own asshole about like Portland does just in general.  But, I would say Tulsa is what Portland wishes it could have been, and Tulsa in a lot of ways reminds me of Portland in the middle-1990s.

That said, hopefully Tulsa avoids making the same mistakes Portland did that made it an unlivable place where young people are forced into retirement.
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I must admit that I am fond of the PDX carpet.  While others think it is forgettable, it's almost a welcome sight after a long flight from places unknown.
A typical view of the Portland airport’s old carpet on social mediaMichael Morgan via Flickr “Take a pic of your feet on the carpet,”…
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... but it's so ugly.
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