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A Keygen Jukebox for Android
A Keygen Jukebox for Android


I just release version 1.1.0 of Chipper to the Play Store. Bringing some new features and long past due upgrades:

 - Search Interface
 - Homescreen Widget
 - Replay now has 3 modes (none, replay one, replay all)
 - Cached indicator throughout the app
 - Indicator for the current playing chiptune
 - Complete application core rewrite

So go check it out and give it a try!
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Version 1.0.3 is now in the Beta Channel.

This version brings new dialogs that outline the features for offline accounts and upgrading to premium, as well as a changelog. The changelog also outlines upcoming features that i plan on adding (such as Chromecast support and Search function).
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Another update will be arriving within the next few days (sometime b4 xmas) that will bring some fixes to a few issues. One is the glitch that happens when you open a plist then change orientations. 

Stay tuned.
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