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Darkness Soundscapes
Darkness Soundscapes

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Aegri Somnia - Endtime Psalms
Aegri Somnia returns with his long awaited second album on Cryo Chamber.

The hum of the Endtime Psalms echo through burnt out buildings. Awaiting impending death as the sky grows dark. Black smoke wheezing from charred windows. We we're born from stardust, but are but puppets in a mindless game of DNA manipulation, life.

Deep analogue drones rumble under the heavy boots of the human machine. Aegri Somnia plays the role of field recorder and audio manipulator with surgical precision.

Written, Produced, Performed - Jurica Santek
Artwork & Mastering - Simon Heath

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New Launch by Zalys

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Enmarta returns with his second album on Cryo Chamber, The Hermit. Dusting off his Viola he tackles the dark ambient genre with a great deal of string works.

Thick fog rolls in over majestic mountains as The Hermit reads his dusty books. The cold wind knocking on the rusted gate, begging the soaring tower for attention. A lingering smell of burnt oil from agitated torches left standing til dawns first light.

Layering drone, field recordings and acoustic instrumentation, Enmarta has created something unique. Invoking an ancient era where time is stagnant and where secret wisdom stays locked away from the masses prying eyes.

Written, Produced, Performed, Viola: Siegfried L
Re-edits, Artwork, Mastering: Simon Heath

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What is Nyarlathotep?
A 190 minute dark soundscape album recorded by 25 ambient artists to pay tribute to H.P. Lovecraft.

Field recordings from the deepest dark corners of 4 continents. Dusty tapes out of forgotten archives. Strings through crackling amplifiers and distorted drone combine into a sea of pitch black.

Nyarlathotep is a manipulative being in the Lovecraftian Mythos. Unlike Cthulhu, or Azathoth, he delights in cruelty and deception. Causing madness is more important than destruction to him.

Smell the burning embers as you kneel outside the sunken temple before Nyarlathotep. Feel the raspy touch of the faceless pharaoh as he leads you to the ancient Pyramid. Hear his inhuman summoning call to gods beyond reality.

So is this a compilation?
No, this is a collaboration and huge undertaking. 25 artists linked studios and sound for over a year so that they could work with each other. This led to deeper exploration of the Mythos and Nyarlathotep.

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Hoshin, also know under his alias Esylt, presents us with a soothing ambient music album. Ripe with field recordings of lush forests and damp ancient temples. Layered with mechanical undertones it creates a unique atmosphere. An enlightening voyage to the center of Mysticism. Blackened machines summon dread, while the spiritual world knocks on the door of reality.

The stench of decay stand in stark contrast to the awakened mind. We feel throbbing bass one minute, the other surrounded by murmuring crowds. From within them the cough of pestilence echo through halls that never end.

This is fresh twist on the dark ambient genre and drone music.

Reboot: The culmination of all that was previously known to redisplay since the start of today's world our expressions and descriptions behind them, the fundamental concept.
How we do?:
· Our base is based on descriptions and factual basis of currently known as Dark Environment.
· The argument of the world, as social pollution and environmental pollution dark environment, it is called Basic Concept.
· The way to expose the Fundamental Concept, is based on different Performing Arts, combining music and expressions of our artists.

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