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How can i fix this issue on my lumia 520 windows phone 8.1?

Stranamente cloudatcost è down...spero risolvano

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Nuova versione 1.4.3 con gestione delle tipologie di link (Streaming, Streaming HD e Download)

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Un saluto a tutti

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Nuova versione 1.4.3 con gestione del tipo di link ( Streaming, Streaming HD, Download ).


Fatemi sapere se incontrate qualche problema.
Un saluto a tutti

version: 4.9.1
Xiaomi Mi3 Miui 7.5

Whatsapp messages OK
OK Google OK

But sometimes, about every minutes, i heard a "DONG" even if my phone is with the screen off. It's a "DONG" from the Drivemode's wave files so it's from this app.

Cineblog ha cambiato link (è diventato Teoricamente non avete bisogno di aggiornare nulla in quanto ho fatto tutto a livello di server.
Fatemi sapere

I've just updated my miui to Android 6.0 and everytime drivemode starts, i see the message "drivemode requires draw over other apps permission....".
Everytime i give to it the permission but it seems that it forgots it.

With the last version, every time when i try to answer to a whatsapp notification, just after completing the message, when the voice says "say send or cancel", just after a second the voice says "i don't understand i think you said..." even if i didn't say nothing.
The second time works fine always but it's really annoying.

It is happening to me only?

P.S. I'm using the italian language

The last version (4.4.0) is a step behind the previous one.
I have several new bugs:
1) the app doesn't turn off at the end of the trip (i didn't change nothing in my car setup)
2) sometimes it doesn't read the whatsapp notification. 

I think you need to add a delay before switching on and off the app when you get a bluetooth device.

I mean i set DM to switch on when it see the BT on my CAR. But when i start my car the BT goes on and off for one time (when the engine starts) so the result is that DM goes on and off and on again.

I think you should add a parameter (default 0) in order to specify the delay between the discovery of the BT device and the very start of the app.

Let me know
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