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EMG Pickups

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John Browne in BEAST mode once again with his 81-7!! 

John Browne of Monuments Plays "Atlas" on EMGtv
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EMG Pickups

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EMG Artist Nicki Tedesco and her new band Frantic Ginger have a brand new video it now!

Frantic Ginger - Sick As Freak (Official Music Video)  
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EMG Pickups

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Andy James is our Artist of the Week! Andy is the man and you know it...check it out 
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EMG Pickups

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EMG Pickups

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Watch the new full length gear talk interview with Geezer here: Geezer Butler talks to EMGtv about new album, gear and Sabbath 

(*Due to a high demand the GZR-P and GZR-PJ sets have only started shipping this last week, a few weeks later than we hoped for but orders are being filled in chronological order and we expect to be caught up with all pre-orders and current sales within the next 2 weeks. Thanks for your patience and understanding. –EMG Pickups.)


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Contact Information
Contact info
Original Active. Since 1976.
Company Overview
String Interface & Magnet

The first consideration in pickup design is the string interface. The 
selection of a bar magnet or individual pole pieces is an important 
one. All early EMG designs used a bar magnet for two reasons. First, 
pole pieces place too much magnetism under the strings and cause 
lower ones to go “out of pitch” with a Doppler effect. And second, 
pole pieces can also make intonation and tuning difficult. Designs 
featuring a bar magnet have a much more linear (balanced) output 
from string to string. Their attack is less pronounced than the pole 
piece design, resulting in smoother distortion, less fade on string 
bending, and much better sustain. 
By relying on the internal preamp for gain, the bar magnet can be 
smaller, further limiting the magnetic “pull” on the strings. The 
inherent qualities of a bar magnet allow a continuous magnetic field 
that allows for any string spacing which is perfect for use with any 
multi-stringed instrument. On the other hand, if you prefer pole 
pieces, there is an EMG model to meet your needs. Pole pieces impart 
a much more percussive attack giving the pickup more of an “organic” 
sound. Depending on the model, steel pole pieces (either bar or 
screw/stud), can be coupled with alnico or ceramic magnets, each 
combination having individual characteristics that affect the attack, 
output, frequency response and ultimately the tone of the pickup.

Noise Reduction & Low Impedance

Another benefit from the internal preamp is noise reduction. By 
integrating the preamp into the housing, all the elements of the 
pickup can be shielded. By matching the coils to a high degree 
through “impedance modeling”, the low frequency hum and buzz are 
virtually eliminated while making the sound more vibrantly alive. In 
addition, each EMG is housed in a composite or stainless steel cover 
cap that eliminates all other forms of interference.
Most EMG pickup models have noise figures better than –85dB, still 
other EMG pickups achieve a noise figure that exceeds –100dB. The 
low impedance output of the EMG internal preamp provides other 
great features. You can run a cable for up to 100 feet (30 meters) 
without losing high frequency response. You’ll get the same tone 
with a wireless unit as you do with a cable, and the tone of your 
instrument will remain consistent through volume changes. Low 
impedance also means that not only can you plug directly into your 
favorite amp, you can go direct to a tape preamp (especially useful 
for acoustic guitar recording) or mixing console input without a 
direct box. EMG pickups are so quiet you don’t even need to ground 
the strings of the instrument

Tone Modeling / Coils / Pre-Amp

Each active EMG pickup has two coils and they are the basis of the 
pickup’s design. There are different types and sizes of magnet wire 
that can be used, and combining their attributes with the size and 
shape of the coil has a tremendous effect on the tone. The dualcoil setup is necessary for noise reduction and is a key to providing 
the distinctive EMG tone. The preamplifier used inside each active 
EMG pickup is no ordinary preamp. Built directly into each pickup, 
the preamp is an integral part of the pickup design ensuring quality 
of sound performance, incredible noise reduction, and simplicity in 
Tone Modeling / Coils / Preamp
installation. A natural by-product of the preamp is gain. It allows us 
to design a pickup for its particular tone without concern for the 
pickup’s output. EMG pickups use “tone modeling” to manipulate the 
two coils. This innovation allows us to shape a mix of the reactive 
slope and resonance from each of the two coils. The idea is to achieve 
a complex mixture of each coil’s phase and frequency response 
resulting in a richer overall tone. After the coils are modeled, any 
amount of output needed is provided by the preamp.