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Hajj packages and Umrah Packages

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Floral designs add to beauty of Grand Mosque

The inside portion of the newly constructed Haram building that overlooks mataf (circumambulation area around the Holy Kaba) has been decorated with Islamic floral designs.

The prayer areas inside the Grand Mosque are also adorned by various engineering and geometrical designs adding beauty to the place’s spiritual environment.

“We have selected these special designs for the Grand Mosque as they are part of the Islamic heritage,” an informed source at the Haram Mosque told Makkah Arabic daily.

He said the new designs are made of best quality marbles brought specifically for the Grand Mosque. He described Islamic floral as the best form of architectural design.

“These decoration works are done by a team of experts recruited from different parts of the world,” said the source who requested anonymity. “This work has been done carefully to avoid any influence of un-Islamic faith and designs,” he said.

The Islamic floral designs are used for the external decoration, he said, adding that it is prepared on the basis of the designs of various types of leaves and flowers.

“A single floral design will have intertwined elements of various leaves, which are then repeated in an organized and harmonious manner,” he explained.

Floral designs look beyond nature as they are securitized through geometric decoration where the principle of abstraction prevails, the official said.

“These designs are widely used to decorate mosques, tombs, walls and other treasured materials made of copper, ceramic and glass,” he added. It is also used to decorate book pages and bindings.

He said the interior walls of the new Haram building is ornamented by geometric decoration with marvelous designs, which is based on the use of geometric lines.

It’s formulated in marvelous art forms with different polygons, star shapes and overlapping circles.

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#Hajj season to fall in hot summer months for next 10 years

Hajj seasons will come in hot weather for the next 10 years and many pilgrims may be subjected to sun strokes, warned a study carried by Makkah daily on Monday.

The study, conducted by the Institute of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for Hajj and Umrah Research, said the Hajj seasons will fall in the hot summer months of September, August, July and June in the coming 10 years.

The study noted a high rise in cases of sunstroke during last year’s Hajj season and added that sun strokes and other diseases of summer will continue to afflict pilgrims during upcoming seasons.

It said Makkah and the surrounding areas will be too hot during the next decade and warned pilgrims to take the necessary precautions to remain safe.

The study advised the pilgrims to avoid the direct rays of the sun, use umbrellas, take a lot of water and soft drinks, cover their heads, wear light clothes and put the air conditioner on while taking a bath.

It said the symptoms of sun stroke include hot body temperature, headaches and dizziness, loss of consciousness, fast heart beats and sweating.

According to the study, there were 1,014 cases of heat exhaustion last year, 723 sun strokes and 1,737 heat injuries.

This article was first published by the Saudi Gazette on March 17, 2016.


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New smart system to ease congestion at Haram in #Makkah #SaudiArabia

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Mataf area likely to be shaded

Pilgrims and visitors performing tawaf (circumambulation) of the Holy Kaaba or praying around it may look forward to relief from the blazing sun, as a proposal to shade the Mataf area is being studied.

According to local media, the matter came up for discussion when Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, head of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques, met representatives of the Ministry of Finance, in the presence of the Grand Mosque projects committee, in his office.
Flower-like shade umbrellas at the Prophet’s Mosque are a big attraction besides their usefulness for pilgrims and visitors in the form of protection from direct sunlight, especially in summer.

The projects that were discussed at the meeting included the library of the Holy Mosque, separate gateway for elevators, electromechanical systems for the Masaa expansion and re-waterproofing of the surface of the King Fahd expansion and surface of the Masaa, which was damaged during the expansion work of the Mataf.

Also discussed during the meeting were issues like documents of Autocad, photos, videos of before, during and after the work, before starting the third expansion.

Electricity supply in the mezzanine of the Masaa, preparation of the headquarters of the project of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques for simultaneous translation of speeches and sermons, and security cameras at the entrances, were also discussed.

via arabnews

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Plan to make bracelets mandatory for all Hajis

The Ministry of Health is considering a plan to make pilgrims wear electronic bracelets that contain their personal data.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Al-Duwailie said such information will make it a lot easier the identification of the pilgrims in emergency situations.

“We will prepare the bracelets in cooperation with Alem company for electronics and we will make it mandatory for both internal and external pilgrims to wear,” he said.

The official cited difficulties in identifying some of the pilgrims who died in the crane crash inside the Grand Mosque and the Mina stampede during the last Haj season.

“The bracelet will enable us to recognize any pilgrim immediately by name, nationality, age, the Tuwafa establishment to which he or she belongs and the place of accommodation,” he said.

Duwailie said the Haj will take place in hot summer during the next 10 years and said shades should be established in places where the pilgrims assemble to wait for trains or buses to protect them from extreme heat.

He said last year the ministry prepared eight hospitals, 125 health centers and 180 ambulances to serve the pilgrims in Makkah and the holy sites.

“Immediately after the conclusion of the previous pilgrimage, we began meetings to prepare for the next season taking into account all the negative observations and shortcomings to avoid them in future,” he said.

The deputy minister said the ministry has decided to make its Haj and Umrah committee a permanent panel in Makkah to coordinate early with all the other concerned government and private departments.

via saudigazette

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Have to say the Mataf bridge did spoil the beauty of the Haram so its good that the authorities are finally removing it, Alhamdulilah

Mataf Bridge removal from Feb. 9

The temporary bridges over the mataf, the circumambulation area around the Kaaba, would be removed over a period from Feb. 9 to March 9.

This plan is contained in a technical report filed by a government-appointed committee to Crown Prince Mohammed bin Naif, deputy premier and interior minister, according to a report in a local publication on Monday.

The committee, chaired by Bakri Assas, director of Umm Al-Qura University, recently held its 22nd meeting to discuss various aspects of the project. He urged everyone to work hard to ensure that the project is completed, which would improve services for pilgrims.

He said the work currently taking place at the Grand Mosque and other places in Makkah was the largest in the history of the Kingdom. More than 14,000 engineers, technicians and workers have been working on the project to increase the capacity of the mataf. After completion, it will accommodate about 105,000 worshipers per hour.

The project includes central air conditioning, ventilation, lighting, sound systems, clocks and surveillance cameras. Pilgrims will be able to perform the tawaf, circumambulation of the Kaaba, on the first floor and terrace. All the upper floors will be connected with escalators.

via arabnews
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