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Teach an old act new tricks : Part 1
Seventeen in cat years is like ninety-something in human terms. And of course I was concerned about  Her Imperial-but-Geriatric Fluffiness being locked in a cage in a dark cargo hold for 30 hours. But I couldn't leave her behind.  She's been in the family l...

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A to Z ..End of challenge reflection
It was my friend Sheryl's fault that I did the A to Z challenge this year. Obviously, the theme was all my doing, but I don't think it would have even occurred to me to participate if not for Sheryl's random comment.  So thanks and blame both go to Sheryl. ...

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Tea and snozzcumber sandwiches
Take a sneaky peek at the bookshelves, or the dusty stack by their bed, or the dog-eared novels lying on the coffee table and you can tell a great deal about someone, can't you?  It says even more if there are no bookcases to scope out. And it's sort of sta...

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Z = Zonked at the zenith
So here we are.  April 30th. The letter Z. The conclusion of 25 mind-expanding visits to the Wellcome Collection and the full-stop of 25 frightening peeks into the mind of Wendy of the Rock, who has been sucked up the wormhole that leads from Oz to Wonderla...

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Y = Yank
I wish this image was a bit clearer, but despite being an enthusiastic user of the camera, I still fall short of being a gifted amateur. But anyway, it looks like a beaded curtain, doesn't it? One of those clickety 60s-Asian-inspired jobs that send legions ...

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X = Xerosis to the X-treme
You're going to have to allow me a bit of latitude with these last few letters of the alphabet. Shortage of material is not the problem, it's shortage of material starting with X,Y and Z that's giving me a right royal pain in the rear end.  So, I'm hoping t...

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W = Walking
After a veritable lifetime of practice, I thought I had this walking thing under control.  Four months of living in London has put paid to that little bit of hubris.  To be fair, it's not all my fault. I'm more than willing to lay a large part of the blame ...

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V = Votives... not the glowing kind
Admittedly, I wasn't raised in a religious household, but I had no idea that a votive isn't just a little candle in a schmancy holder of som e type.  I did not know that the word  votive is derived from vow, and so is used to describe  an object or an act o...

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U = Uncomfortable underwear
"Could you pass the water, please?" How would you feel if the person on the other side of the dinner table responded to your polite request by handing you this antique hand-decorated jug? Look closely. Yep.  It's a picture of a guy giving another guy an ene...

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T = Tattoos
You may need a magnifying glass to read the print on this screenshot, or you could just take my word for it. But the Wellcome Image website home page actually has a link to take you directly to 'Tattoo designs". It's the one with the image on the right. Awe...
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