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Portland Center For Spiritual Living
Opening Hearts—Igniting Minds—Making A Difference
Opening Hearts—Igniting Minds—Making A Difference

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"Blessings of Joy fill my life and help me to fulfill my divine purpose."

Movie Tonight: "In Rarefied Air:" Linking the 60's civil rights history with civil rights of today. 7 PM. With Karen Haberman Trusty.

Meditation Tonight: Join Kate Barrett, RScP for our monthly meditation service at 7 PM. Theme: Understanding the Secret of Demonstration.

"I reflect and magnify the Joy of the Universe in every activity of my life."

"I live in joy and confidence, knowing that the love that is God is the love that I am."

"Joyfully I accept all the rich blessings so freely and lavishly showered upon me."

Join Rev. Larry King & Nancy Ashley, RScP, 6/3/17 at Noon for a discussion of Practitioner Studies & being a Lractitioner. Everyone Welcome.

“When I feel uncertain about something, I turn inward and receive a perfect answer from that perfect Source.”

“By quieting my mind, I allow the perfect answers to arise from within.”

As I allow my Light to shine, the Universe responds by opening doors before me. My Light illuminates the way for myself and others.
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