Better property URIs for Microdata Terms.

I just released a new version of my Ruby Microdata parser( I added a non-standard option for generating URIs from @itemprop terms. The spec creates terms that are a bit unwieldy.

Also, in parsing seemingly equivalent RDFa and Microdata markup, it's useful to have property URIs that are the same.

The :rdf_terms option changes the processing algorithm for generating URIs from @itemprop values that are not already an absolute URI. Using the in-scope type (from @itemtype, or fallback_type), replace everything following the last '/' or '#' with the term. This results in more familiar URIs, and works so long as normal RDF vocabularies are used for minting types.

For example, consider the case where @itemtype is "" and @itemprop is "name". Using the standard scheme, the generated property URI would be <>. Using the :rdf_terms option, it will generate the following URI: <>.

I think this is much more useful for people in general. There may be some corner-cases where this doesn't work, and I'd be interested in comments from the community.
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