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Anton Golov
I sometimes drink tea and do maths
I sometimes drink tea and do maths


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Rainslick had two patches in the last two days, so I think I'll put off getting a proper patch together until it stabilises -- that said, I've got the game working on Linux with no issues.

More details about my porting progress on my blog.

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Got around to updating my blog again; people being so horribly wrong turns out to be fairly motivating. I'll probably also be writing more on how the Cthulhu Saves the World port went -- most bugs are fixed now, although a few more beta testers would be nice.

Algorithms exam was foul. Way too much memorization, too little thinking; questions like "Name 6 NP-complete problems" should not be in university courses. Probably did fairly well, though, hoping for a 10 for the course.

Huh. When searching Wikipedia through the chromium URL bar, the first suggestion when enter "a" is "Abdul Alhazred". Google knows me well.
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