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Denise Sanderson-Estcourt
Stylist, Trainer, HR consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Mum and so much more! Passionate about: People. Loves: Family, Fashion, Faith and Football!
Stylist, Trainer, HR consultant, Blogger, Speaker, Mum and so much more! Passionate about: People. Loves: Family, Fashion, Faith and Football!

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Back to it with baby steps
Back to blogging! It's been a while since I last blogged, or at least since I last published one! I'm often thinking, regularly writing and occasionally sharing my ideas. But, I've been doubting that what I've got to say could be said better than someone el...

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My summer holiday style by number!
My summer holiday 1-2-6! Holiday dressing and shopping is something I find a pleasure. I love the hotter weather, but dressing for the office in hot weather is sometimes a challenge so let's face it, in the UK I don't get to wear my shorts and sunnies that ...

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7 ways your wardrobe can further your wellbeing
Have a wardrobe you love that loves you back! I recently did a wardrobe audit with a client and was reminded how much more our wardrobes hold besides our physical clothes. Our wardrobes sometimes hold our memories. They can hold our confidences. They can be...

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Springtime means pastels (traditionally speaking).
And this year, Pantone says it's all year too! Its traditional that retailers go from deep, strong, bold colours in the winter to pastels (pale pink, baby blue, peach and mint for example) in the Spring, and this year Pantone have doubled the ante by using ...

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Wrapping your messages - Internal brand
The brand is not the message, but it matters. I've been working on an internal branding project and initial presentations have focussed on clarifying why we need it, given that it's a new concept in the organisation. I've found the following useful in expla...

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Month one 2016 - Learn, grow...
...It's been anything but slow! January 2016 has been busy, busy, busy! So much so, that I haven't done much of the laugh bit in my blog title. They say variety is the spice of life and its something I agree with, but I've recently given myself a talking to...

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A great start to the year
Damson Belle in January Given I don't push the new year, new you agenda, I've still been engaged in a few exciting activities this month. I've presented on the impact of our image during a corporate wellbeing week, taken a lady special occasion shopping and...

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David Bowie - a Star Man.
The original recreator. I often refer to authenticity in my work as an image consultant, and as such I encourage my clients to consider the impact of making sweeping image changes without careful consideration. However with the unexpected passing of legenda...

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Goodbye Ms December - A special year...
...Goodbye Calendar Girls, Happy New Year For the last 12 months I've been a bone fide calendar girl, but come midnight I'll be a has been! My colleagues and I have graced the walls of many homes bringing our brightness, body confidence messages and a month...

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"It's been a long year" and other reflections
Make your reflections more than chit-chat. If you're going to reflect in a way that's meaningful, responses to the question: "how was your year (past)?" have to be more than short statements like "it's been a tough year", "it was fun", "it's been interestin...
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