I think what Wright was prompting me to talk about, and we talked about it long ago, is that part of every #13MAGNUS cycle seems to be the rediscovery of the capital-O Other.

The innate knowledge of a duality is a fairly constant pattern across many theological and philosophical instances. I use that phrase consciously. It's like a pattern of grooves in a universal substance, and all sensitives can vaguely perceive its hills and valleys. The highest level sensitives, like those in #13MAGNUS, may be different. Perhaps they are able to run their perception through the grooves like a needle and resonate it as music.

The contained and the infinite. The simulacrum and the true. The knowledge is so powerful that the secret must always be lost and then rediscovered in order to protect us from it.

If we were to see it, perhaps we would no longer be us anymore. We would be evicted from the garden.
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