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It's been some time since I have written here. But recent news has made me feel it necessary...

Having reviewed notes I had written in the time of the Niantic Project, I strongly suspect that the Role-Playing Game mentioned in recent documents might be quite similar to the ‘Remote Participation’ experiments I lead as far back as Waratah (I am assuming that this is no longer classified, as so much is publicly known).

Put quite simply, I believe that when influenced by large amounts of Exotic Matter, focused thought experiments -- especially in proximity to a MAGNUS or significant portion of a MAGNUS -- may have real effects in alternate universes.

In other words, I believe that such gatherings are capable of generating ‘alternative strings’ or quite possibly influencing our own reality.

I have reason to believe that our experiments had consequences in our world and suggest that this ‘RPG’ taking place at 13MAGNUS: REAWAKENS is playing with much more than just dice... it is playing with fire.

I strongly advise, knowing this will probably not be heeded, that more research be done before this event is allowed to take place.

Stein Lightman

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Nobody has done a death dance for me, but I did see a very disturbing Glyph pattern in my dreams.  I am not comfortable disclosing it now. I think it would be best if we all prepared for the worst.

It's odd. I can feel the Anomaly coming.

Was working on some papers today when I felt a shiver all through my body. It was like a very deep, ancient cold. It came, then it was gone. In that moment, I felt as though I was standing in the Afghan mountains. Jahan was there, as well as +Hank Johnson and Azmati and a few other men I couldn't recognize. Everyone looked worried. I looked to the horizon and saw an ancient, powerful Portal surge.

Then, I was back in my study. The letters on the page returned to their  true form and became words and ideas. The cold was gone.

What was that? A dream? A vision?

Perhaps just my imagination.

Martin asks some interesting questions.  I am fixated on something more basic. What is it that Jahan believes she will accomplish at the 13MAGNUS Portal in Afghanistan?  

Begin with what we know.
Hank Johnson's corpse resides in a 13MAGNUS nest within the anomaly.
The location has some unique properties (frozen missiles) and most notably, Special Forces was unable to find anything in there.

Therefore, I feel we are safe to assume that it has shifting, transdimensional properties (Yuri and Martin -- feel free to disagree).  I see it as a labyrinth that morphs in time and space.  

I suspect, but can not prove that the key to it is found in glyphic patterns.  Patterns that would be well known to Azmati and perhaps Hank, though it is very clear that anybody entering it must be led like a simulacrum.  I am reminded of Charon on the river styx.  

However, as to Jahan's involvement with Devra, it seems that it must either have happened in college days and involve contact with N'zeer intelligence, or more recently with the CDC and the vaccine. 

Whatever you want to say of me, I am an academic.  I understand the implications of academic quests and appointments.

I was struck by the revelation today that Jahan was a student of Devra's. It is a throw away comment from Hank.  The fact that he is unquestioning about this means that some of his faculties have been dulled...  He's no stranger to the Ivory Tower.  Or is there another explanation?  What do we make of this? Was Devra aware of who and what Jahan was?  Do we have any records?  Is it possible that Jahan had something to do with the CDC investigations? Was it earlier?  And what did Jahan hope to learn, or, in fact, learn from Devra?  

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+H. Richard Loeb Thank you for sharing that Glyph analysis with me. These days I've been working mostly on attempting to learn more about the N'zeer. I suspect 2015 will be the Age of the N'zeer, and I intend to be forearmed with knowledge. +Hank Johnson has gone radio silent, so for now, the work continues without him.

I've been pondering something astute you said some time ago: 

"In mathematics, two negatives make a positive. In analysis, something similar can be true. Given enough lies, one can often piece them together and see the truth in the negative space produced between them."

We know about the 'Ultimate' from +Roland Jarvis's descriptions of it, and we know that the N'zeer represent a force that directly opposes the Shapers.

Previously I thought this meant 'the N'zeer are against the Shapers.' Now I am reconsidering. What if it means 'the N'zeer represent the opposite of the Shapers,' and thus by extension, the Ultimate?

Investigators of this community, I call on you to help collect what we know of the Ultimate in this thread. I suspect, that as we begin to lay the pieces of evidence on the table, we will see something new in the spaces between them.

I've received a number of inquiries as to what I make of Hank's visions of sea monsters and the mysterious Darsana Point.  +Hank Johnson apparently was thinking about this while he was on top of a mountain in what I presume was Afghanistan or Pakistan. Maybe he was just speculating and we should take no meaning from it, but given that Jarvis unleashed the Dragon document, I would tend to suggest a relationship.  Dreams sometimes portend something in the meta consciousness.  A traditional reading would be that both Jarvis and Hank... Highly Enlightened, see a monster coming...  It will be interesting to see if Yuri has theories about this...

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The infinite. The boundless. It is an idea, but it is also tangible. It is our home.

What would happen if it were possible to see beyond its perimeter? Who would we become? What would happen to our inquisitive nature, our thirst for knowledge and discovery?

My work with the #Helios Artifacts is coming to an end, and these are the questions on my mind.

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Before and After, but before and after what?

As I delve deeper into the mystery contained within the #Helios Artifacts, I oscillate between fear and wonder. We are days away from learning their true potential. I recall something Jarvis said in offhand conversation to me once: "To know is a one way journey."

I can't but help look back at the many times +Roland Jarvis has attempted to warn us about them. And yet, the forms they contain are, in truth, wondrous and complex. Filled with a richness of meaning.

I believe that Jarvis's fears are unwarranted, or perhaps one-sided would be a better way of phrasing it. The Helios Artifacts are likely to enable us to explore the fundamental power that our universe represents. 

Across our history, key points have separated the epochs. Fire. Metal. Machinery. Systems.

I believe these Glyphs evoke that meaning. Before and After the point where we crossed the one-way bridge of knowing.
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This has been one of the most challenging Glyphs to emerge from the #Helios  Artifacts.

Here's a hint. Compare this to the Glyph for Perfection/Balance.

It seems to represent an opposite, and yet, the opposite of Perfection would be Chaos, a sharp, imbalanced form. Jagged and fear-inducing.

This one, on the other hand, seems fragile. Symmetrical and pleasing, but delicately, perhaps preciously balanced. Something that could easily lose its perfect position and shatter if disturbed.

It's a riddle.

It is imperfect, but beautiful. Imbalanced but fragile, and perhaps worth protecting.

I think I've figured it out. Can you?
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