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Jean-Christian Lemay
Geek. Étudiant. Wannabe scientist. Maître du monde en devenir.
Geek. Étudiant. Wannabe scientist. Maître du monde en devenir.

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Physicists are awesome
A Physicist runs a Monte Carlo Simulation to Speed Up Airplane Boarding Time

I love that headline <smile>.

It's a great idea, and it works (at least in theory) but the airlines have not put it to use yet. Nonetheless, it's a very clever idea/plan for a very vexing problem.

depuis quand est-ce qu'il y a des filles qui font le trottoir à Lévis sur la rue Saint-Joseph sur l'heure du souper???

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Storyful excerpts the tale of Thilo Weichert's attack on Facebook.

Je viens de redéménager à Québec après quatre ans à Montréal. À partir de quand est-ce que j'arrête de payer la surprime pour les infrastructures qui s'effondrent sur ma police d'assurance-vie?

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Come here baby, I'm gonna treat you like the piece of meat you are.

Sometimes, working in a basement is not that bad. It increases the life expectancy of computers by reducing their likeliness of being thrown through a window... #lemonsieurestpascontent

Starting to use Opera and loving it. There is no longer any denying possible; I'm a geek.

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