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 If you know that you’re scheduled to meet your workout buddy at the gym, you’re less likely to skip your workout. Exercising with a partner helps minimize missed workouts. If you’re exercising with another person, you can always have a spot. Workout buddies can help can an eye on your form, and provide any assistance you might need. It’s convenient and adds another layer of safety to your workout. If your gym buddy is ready to rock and roll, he can really push you to get that extra last rep or two out of your exercises. It can really make a big difference!

When looking for a workout buddy, choose wisely. Choose someone who is as dedicated as you and not someone who will just talk the talk but won’t walk the walk. Choosing the wrong partner may drag you down in your workouts!

Start with your friends. Search on your Facebook, and try to identify a few fitness-oriented friends.

Family members can also make good workout partners, but make sure they’re serious about their fitness commitments.

Coworkers are another workout buddy resource. You can create standing pre or post-work workout dates at a gym near your office.

Maybe you’ve made a friend or two at the gym, and noticed that you’re on the same schedule. Strike up a conversation, explain your situation, and ask if they know of anyone that might be interested.

Cant stay motivated? Find a workout Buddy! If you have any questions or would like to chime in please feel free. Please follow me on twitter and visit my newly developed email newsletter here in the near future. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Todd Casper
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The 5 most common mistakes seen in the gym. If you aren’t stretching or working the muscles correctly, you’re wasting your time in the gym.
1) Swinging and using momentum during the lifting and lowering of the weight. Though this will allow you to handle more weight but this type of form will get you nowhere as far as the results go.

2) The tempo of the movement is too fast and momentum takes over. Lifting too fast again prevents you from focusing on the muscle and only the movement. The muscle is always more important than the movement.

3) Using your lower back and lower body to help you through the movement. When someone struggles to lift a weight or to get a few extra reps they tend to use their lower back to help them. This is a recipe for disaster. You need to drop the weight and use proper form.

4) Bouncing the weight off your chest. This is very common when I see someone doing barbell chest press. If you have to bounce the weight then you are using too much weight. Bouncing the weight prevents you from really using all the muscle fibers in your chest and allows momentum to help you.

5) Not fully extending at the top of the lift and not coming far enough down to get the most efficient range of motion. Proper range of motion allows you to work all the muscle fibers in that muscle efficiently. Partial reps are not recommended for most people.

There you have it. If you have any questions or would like to chime in please feel free. Please follow me on twitter and visit my newly developed email newsletter here in the near future. Thanks for visiting my blog.
Todd Casper
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If you plan on using the same workout routine day in and day out, it’s a proven fact that your body will not grow. The human body adapts to the stress too fast. Once your body adapts to the stress level of your current routine it will see no need to keep growing. Regular changes in your workout are essential for long term growth. Professional bodybuilders cycle their workout continuously, change their exercises and add advanced training techniques. Here I go over 2 important factors to increase growth.

Increase intensity
Intensity builds muscle. I have put this one at the top because I believe it is the most important. A lot of the techniques mentioned in this post increase the intensity of your workout. Drop sets, supersets, negatives and slow reps are all classic examples. Other ways you can increase the intensity of your workout are decreased rest times, circuits, forced reps etc. When you’ve been using the same routine for a while it’s easy to get stuck in a rut, you think you’re training hard but your intensity level has been dropping slowly without you knowing it.

Up your exercises
Each muscle group has a variety of different exercises that can be used to train it. A lot of weight trainers get stuck into the same exercises week in week out. They cut out exercises they “don’t like”. To continue to grow you need to hit your target muscles with a wide array of exercises. You should be switching regularly. Many experienced bodybuilders never do the same workout twice.

If you have any questions feel free to chime in! I will post again within the next two weeks!

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New to bodybuilding? Don’t know where to get started? Many people try to jump under a bench and start moving weight thinking it’s all you need to do in order to build your body. Wrong! There is a lot of science behind bodybuilding just as there is to everything else. Here, I will provide you with tips to send you off in the right direction!

Genetics are important. The ability to pack on muscle is at least partly determined by genetics. However, starting from a low base you can always improve your body shape. Being male and young also favors muscle building.

Train with high volume and medium intensity. "Volume" is the quantity of sets and repetitions you do and "intensity" is how much weight you choose. For each weight training exercise set, perform 10 to 15 lifts with less than a minute break between sets. Lactic acid causes that burning sensation in muscles when you exercise intensely and this appears to stimulate muscle growth, perhaps from an increase in growth hormone production.

Push each exercise set to near “failure.” Failure means you could not do one more repetition in a set because of fatigue. For a 3-set exercise, you could start off with a heavy weight for 15 repetitions in the first set and then reduce each set by 2 so that your last set is 11 lifts. Even as you tire, you should attempt a maximum effort for each set.

Utilize the "big three" weight training exercises. These are the squat, the deadlift and the bench press. They build strength, condition and bulk and should always be included in one form or another.

Train three times each week. At least 3 sessions per week should provide sufficient volume of exercise to create a muscle-building stimulus. Experienced trainers may attempt more sessions and novices could start with 2 sessions.

Don’t try to train for a marathon and build big muscles at the same time. You can mix cardio and weights, it makes a great fitness combo, but at the extremes, the training physiology and biochemistry are contradictory and you will not maximize your results unless you concentrate on one or the other.

Eat sufficient for muscle growth. You will struggle to build muscle in a weight-loss mode when you are cutting calories and exercising at the same time. If you must drop your food intake, at least keep your protein intake the same and reduce fat and refined carbohydrates.

Cycle food intake during weight loss. If you want to maintain or increase muscle in a weight loss phase, try eating well on the days you exercise, especially in the hour before and after exercise  and cutting back strongly on intake for the days you do not exercise.

Have any questions, feel free to chime in!
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Be sure to visit my blog every two weeks for more useful bodybuilding and fat-loss information!
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Intense Workouts!
Rating 4/5
Pros: Excellent Stimulant balance, No crash, Good focus and energy
Cons: Build tolerance to it, taste isn’t the best, continuously shake to mix well

HemoRage Concentrate is a new blend of pre-workout stimulants made by Nutrex to help maximize your workouts. There are countless pre-workout products to choose from all claiming to be extreme, hardcore and super-strong.  After researching this product and reading about Nutrex, I found reviews from customers saying Nutrex takes pre-workout supplementation to another level, beyond extreme, beyond hardcore, beyond maximum strength, way beyond any pre-workout experience you have ever had. I quickly had to try this pre-workout supplement myself to see what it could do for me and my workouts.  After finishing a bottle with 30 servings, this is what I have experienced with the product.

Ingredient Profile
The main ingredients of the concentrated version of Hemo Rage consist of a 6,870mg blend of creatine monohydrate, L-arginine, alpha ketoglutarate, Beta Alanine, Taurine, caffeine, dimethylamylamine, and huperzine. Though it is a blend so you can't distinguish the exact amounts, the effects feel like a balanced product with no over-stimulated feeling from caffeine which is a nice plus. With my experience with other pre-workout supplements, many made me sick to my stomach, gave me the jitters, and made me very hot. Hemo Rage was easy on my stomach and allowed me to have a comfortable intense workout.

What stood out the most to me is the mental focus. Unlike a few other pre-workouts that I have used, the stimulant balance is just right and doesn't give you that wired feeling, but more of a tunnel vision focus. Like many of the pre-workouts these days, the Beta Alanine gives the tingles, but after a few uses it wears off. Obviously, to get the full effects of beta-alanine, it needs to be taken daily so you should supplement it separately. The endurance increase was noticeable, and there wasn't much of a post workout crash.

Taste/ Mix ability
I chose the bruisin Berry flavor. The taste was very strong and somewhat bitter, although I didn’t mind the taste. This is to be expected with a concentrated pre-workout as the emphasis is on the formula and not the extras for flavoring. The performance benefits outweigh the taste. The product mixed easily in water within a few shakes. The only small drawback is that a little bit of the product would settle, but a couple additional shakes take care of it quickly. You also only need to mix the scoop with 5-6oz of water which makes it easy to take each day before your workout compared to other supplements that consist of chugging 12oz or more of a bad tasting supplement.

I was very pleased overall with the concentrated version of Hemo Rage. My workouts have been very intense. After continuously using any pre-workout supplement, you begin to build a tolerance to its effects, because of this you need to make sure to cycle it and never go above the recommended dose. It is well worth giving it a try if you are looking for a new well developed pre-workout supplement to help maximize your workouts. I will continue to use Hemo Rage in the near future after I have given my body some time to cleanse from the stimulants.
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Hello, my name is Todd Casper and I have chosen to inform my readers on muscle-building and fat-loss to improve your health. Each week I will tweet on twitter at least twice a week and I will post on my blogger, at least once every two weeks providing you with useful information that can and may help you in many ways. I believe staying in shape and improving your health is very important to minimize health risks, minimize costs in treating disease, and living a high quality life. I feel I am qualified to help you in this topic because I have been training for ten years now and I enjoy what I do. I workout five times a week with extreme intensity. In the pass five years I researched a great amount of information on body building and fat-loss through Web-sites,books and disussion forums. By no means is it easy to stay in shape, it takes dedication and hard work but will surely benefit you in the long run. Are you upset with the way your body looks? Are you upset with the way you feel? Are you tired of being tired? We all have to start somewhere so why not start today? Get up off that couch and start burning some calories! I will try my best to help you reach your goals! Visit me on twitter for more information on workouts and nutrition tips!
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