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Estrogen Dominance is very common, both in young and older women, but is most likely to occur in the post-menopausal woman, who is highly susceptible due to the drop off of progesterone that accompanies menopause.
Since estrogen blocks thyroid hormone from entering the cells, excess estrogen in your blood and liver can cause all kinds of problems, including hypothyroid symptoms,..even if your thyroid is working just fine!
Here are 12 signs that might indicate that excess estrogen is effecting your thyroid function:
Temperature Sensitivity
Weight Gain
Dry Skin
Brain Fog
High Cholesterol
Heavy Periods
Puffy Eyes/Face
Breast Tenderness
The Fix?
The first thing is to Optimize Nutrition by eliminating foods that drive estrogen production and weight gain.
Secondly, FLUSH the LIVER with a good month long program. Amazing!
Your liver cannot process hormones or efficiently do any of it’s 500+ functions if it is clogged with fat, hormones, and toxins.
Thirdly, Optimize Digestion and the Health of the Micro-Biome.
As research on Pro and Pre Biotics continues to accumulate, good liver function is high on the list of things the health of your Micro-Biome determines.
Liver Detox, Digestion Optimization, and Micro-Biome Support our smack dab in the middle of our wheel-house here at Whole Food Medicine!
To get started on your “YOU-TURN”, make a call today!
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This week, I want to talk about how to eliminate, or at least minimize, pain via food and lifestyle choices.

Pain is a brain-based phenomenon. Wherever you have damaged or diseased tissues and inflammatory process, chemicals are released that stimulate local receptors that communicate with the brain and register PAIN!

The bottom line is that most pain is inflammation driven. Inflammation IS the bulls-eye in the pain target.

Not only that, but chronically elevated inflammation is the common denominator of virtually every disease and physiological disturbance known to man. Things like anxiety, arthritis, high blood pressure, cardio-vascular disease, cancer, and fibromyalgia. The list is long.

So, why does a body become over inflamed when no trauma has occurred?

I can think of 4 major reasons:

1) Stress of any kind triggers the adrenals to release cortisol, which releases sugars and subsequently insulin into the blood, both of which are inflammatory.
2) Toxic Exposure to a substance that poisons or disrupts normal physiology (food colorings/additives, exhaust fumes, smoke, smog, chlorine, herbicide residue, GMO proteins, pollens, dust.. you get the picture, right?! There are lots of these!),
3) Microbial Invasion; bacteria, virus, fungi, spirochetes (Lyme’s),etc. over taking your body because your immune system isn’t up to the task of defense.
4) Foods which are:
a) High in Sugars (highly inflammatory) which trigger the storage and transport hormone insulin (also highly inflammatory).
b) Polyunsaturated, heat processed Oils/Fats such as corn, soy, peanut, deep-fried anything.

So, how do you lower inflammation in your body?

Control what you can control.

While you might not always be able to control the quality of the air you breath or the fact that there are stressful circumstances and/or people in your life, you can take some control over how you respond to stressors and what you put in your mouth!

Mindfulness is an essential part of coping with emotional stress. Science now informs us that we can actually re-program our brains away from negative thoughts by intentionally directing them towards positive thoughts.

If you find you mind looping on negative, worrisome thoughts: Redirect! Start listing the things you have to be grateful for:
You have air to breath. The sun came up today! You have food to eat. You have a roof over your head. List the people dear to you and picture their faces…This works!!

Food fuels every cell in your body. Eat the freshest, cleanest food you can find and afford.
Avoid sugars and processed foods.
Take a month off all grains and note how you feel off them vs. on them.
Take a month off fruit at the same time.
Eat lots of greens, especially bitter ones (like arugula, mustard, dandylion) which encourage the digestion process.
Add some live lacto-fermented veggies which support your micro-biome to your diet. (Find ‘em in the fridge at the health food stores)
Enjoy lots of healthy fats such as butter, extra-virgin olive oil, coconut oil, grass-fed meats, sushi/sashimi (raw fish), raw nuts, and hemp-hearts!

My latest new favorite recipe is Hemp-Heart Tabouli, Yumm!

You can make this tasty meal in any quantity and refrigerate for days!
(Made with hemp-hearts this tabouli provides a full meals worth of nutrition!)

Coursely Chop:
1 cucumber
1 bell pepper (I like red or orange ones!)
1 large tomato
1 small bunch fresh parsley
1 small bunch of fresh mint leaves (optional)

1 Cup of Hemp Hearts (packed with healthy fats and protein!)
½ cup of crumbled feta cheese (optional)

Dress With:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon Juice
Sea Salt

Photo caption: Horace, the Happy Horse, thinks this Tabouli is awesome, too!
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Read this great simple post to learn how to make fermented turmeric!
Turmeric has wonderful medicinal proprieties, like being an anti-fungal anti-inflammatory and liver protectant!
It can also help prevent diabetes 2.
Fermenting turmeric is by far the best way to get the curcumin available to your system
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This is a great post by a RN that saw the light of nutrition!!

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Good Post!
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"How sitting wrecks our bodies and 9 other things to stop doing to yourself"
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Chico Creek Wellness
Life is better when you are healthy!

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Dr Penner
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Our Practice 
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