About an hour ago, I had a moment that made me think. I was at a grocery store Starbucks, when the barrista was starting to get my order wrong. It was a small thing: I said "no foam" and she missed that alongside "grande vanilla latte". So as she started to put foam on, I said "no foam, please" -- probably a bit snappishly, I'll admit.

I started to pull out my phone to tweet some snark, when I was stopped by a lack of signal. That pause made me think: wait, I'm about to be a dick to a couple thousand followers (or, after you discount spam bots, probably just 12 people). The whole #dontbeadickday  message hit in my head, and i seriously thought about what I was reflexively about to do.

Who did it help? Such a tweet only serves to make me look like a cockbite, annoy those who do or have done barrista work and similar, and otherwise just add to the general negativity of the tweetgeist. Why do that? Why do I now have this reflexive behavior around sharing annoyances that I'll honestly forget an hour from now? What the hell is wrong with me (and by extension, those of us who do this without thinking about it)?

There are papers on the subject, I know. The question is for once not a curiosity on psychology (which often my questions are) but a call to act. So, I'm going to try for the next week to not tweet negativity or snark, both directly and through retweets. It seems like it might be easy, but again, this came from something I was about to do without thinking. And it's high time I analyze this bullshit behavior.

- Ryan

P.S. Positive snark jokes with friends that don't come to the expense of others are still fair game. :)
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