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Hari Srinivas
Keeping the Forest and the Trees in Mind
Keeping the Forest and the Trees in Mind


GDRC celebrates its 16th anniversary today!

It was on May 25th 2000 that GDRC was set up. Since then it has had a long journey of working on a number of sub-themes within its 15 research programmes. Thank you!
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While you were looking away distracted elsewhere, three very important international observances came and went this week. But the challenges they address will remain with us, daily and for the rest of the year:

21 March: International Day of Forests
2016 theme - "Forests and Water"

22 March: Wirld Water Day
2016 theme - "Better Water, Better Jobs"

23 March: World Meteriological Day
2016 theme - "Hotter, drier, wetter"

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In the run up to Habitat III Summit to take place in October in Quito, UN HABITAT has released 10 policy papers. These papers will be official inputs to the Habitat process, and will help format the outcome of the Summit, the "New Urban Agenda"

Access the policy papers at:
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World Bank's infographic: What's a Toilet Worth? Lack of Access to sanitation costs the world USD260 billion yearly
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