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Nina Trankova
Digital Communications Skills Coach, Google Gold Product Expert, Community Expert
Digital Communications Skills Coach, Google Gold Product Expert, Community Expert

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I'm here. Farewell G+


This post relates to the official announcement about Google+ consumer platform here:

Expediting closure of G+ in April 2019

Initial announcement:
We decided to sunset the consumer version of Google+. To give users a full opportunity to transition, we will be implementing this wind-down over a 10-month period, slated for completion by the end of next August. Over the coming months, we will provide consumers with additional information, including ways they can download and migrate their data.

Resource by Official +Google+ page:

#GooglePlusKnowledge #GooglePhotos
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Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet

Reading about this change of Hangouts product I'm taking note about the context of online conversations. There's so much happening while we navigate across channels and the new Chat and Meet seem designed to remind us about the 'Why' of our communication. At least I see it from this angle: improving online communication.

#GooglePlusKnowledge #Hangouts
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State of The Net 2019

It's on Tuesday, the 29th January and you can attend online.

An item that I'm seeing for the first time is on the Agenda:

The Internet Governance Cold War

Stay tuned for my notes and other experts commentary after the event, on my site.

#Trend2019 #sotn2019
State of the Net 2019
Tue, Jan 29th at Newseum, Washington DC

The Internet Education Foundation (IEF) will host the 2019 State of the Net Conference at the Newseum in Washington DC. The event is to be attended by 300 congressional staff and other policymakers.

America's premier Internet policy conference Topic list:

Commercial Privacy;
Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms;
Internet Policy on the Campaign Trail;
Future of Work;
The Internet Governance Cold War;
Content Expression on the Internet Commons;
Telecom and the Balance of Power; and more.

The Internet Society North America Bureau is sponsoring the event, including the webcast on ISOC.LIVE.

Credit image: The Internet Society

Live online:

Follow my notes and experts comments after the event on my site:

#Trend2019 #sotn2019
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Learn how to create and follow Google Maps Lists

Using this feature you can:

1. Remain focused on a topic of interest.
2. Expand your sphere of expertise.
3. Grow your online reputation.
4. Remain connected with influencers for the topic of interest.

Look for #golocalonline #mountaindreamvacation hashtags across channels for best content creation tips for your local projects.
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Peggy K and Michael Daniels Live
23th of January at 1 UTC

It will be 3 am in my end of the world, so looking forward a replay.
Is Blogger a good choice to locate your content, now that G+ is shutting down (in April 2019)?

Come discuss Blogger! I'll be joining Michael Daniels live on January 23 at 5PM PST

Bring your questions and comments.

Click the video link to set a reminder on YouTube:
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A Google Plus Creature
Google Plus shutting down in April 2019

I've been wondering how to recap my seven years on Google plus, so here I am:

No recap
No regrets
No mentions

My short story.

In 1990 I was standing in a long queue holding a coupon to be able to get milk for my one-year-old daughter. The shop was completely empty and dark as 100% of the shops at that time in my country. 100 people were waiting together with me at 4 am in the morning. Beside me on the same queue was the father of another one-year-old.

In 2018 I crossed the ocean and was a guest in the US house of this family, I once got to know on the queue at 4 am in the morning. The one-year-old is teaching medieval history in the University now. Her soul mate ( my daughter) is finishing her masters in University.

What's this story has to do with Google Plus?

Nothing. It's like the life-affirming stories of many other awesome people who made the Global Google Plus Community and became part of a mind-transforming online culture.

Everything. It can't become a shared experience any longer by anybody else never ever, at least not in the Google Plus way we know.

Google Plus was not measured by books written, exhibitions and events organized not even by the number of followers ( even some of us were deluded how those mattered).

Google Plus is the live experience online, the unique web navigation mastery of discovery and reinventing what we care about and ourselves in the first place.

"And life still goes on!"

Find me across networks by the same name. It's who I am continuing to be - a Google Plus Creature. I'm GSuite +Nina Trankova


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Southern Sync up

Science economics theory claims that geography defines human character and even economics. Here we are in Southern synchronicity on Google Maps with +Peter Quinton , a most common statement we used to experience on Google+.

I'm following the Public Placed list +Peter Quinton created:

South Eastern Australia Waterfalls

On the second image below you see where it shows on Android. On a desktop it a shows beautifully on the Google Globe Visualization.

I have first followed +Monika Schmidt 's list "San Fran". All starts with S for Sunny 🌞

To clarify the steps of creating your own public list, let's look into my South Tyrol' list.

"South Tyrol" list evidences places I visited and recommend for a destination. The last image shows I find the "South Tyrol" list under Collections in my Google app on Android.

South Tyrol

I populate the list by sharing my photos to Instagram and Twitter and add a link to my list.

This fast tutorial shall go to my publisher schedule on Monday. It will be located on my site. That is because of Google+ sunsetting in April if you haven't heard yet.

Thank you to +Monika Schmidt and +Peter Quinton for the friendly collaboration!

#golocalonline #collaboration
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Familiarise Yourself With YouTube Policy
with +Peggy K
YouTube strengthening policy enforcement around dangerous pranks & challenges and Community Guidelines-violating thumbnails and external links

Violating the Community Guidelines may result in a strike. Three strikes within 90 days means a channel is terminated.

* Custom thumbnails: egregious violations of the Community Guidelines, for example graphic violence or pornographic images, will result in a strike, even if the video itself doesn't violate the Community Guidelines.

* External links: any site you link to must also comply with the YouTube Community Guidelines. Now adding links to external sites that egregiously violate YouTube - for example pornography, malware, or spam - will lead to a Community Guidelines Strike.

* Dangerous pranks and challenges: YouTube prohibits challenges presenting a risk of serious danger or death, and pranks that make victims believe they’re in serious physical danger, or cause children to experience severe emotional distress. Again, violating this policy may result in a Community Guidelines strike.

An overview of the changes:
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Official Google+ Moderators Community and Google+ Aspire Community are closed to new posts and members

The Communities will not be deleted until consumer Google+ shuts down in April, and current posts will remain available for you to create an archive.

Your Google+ Posts can be archived at

Announcement in the Google+ Aspire Community: Closed January 10th

Announcement in the Google+ Moderators Community: Closed January 17th

If you have Google+ related questions, you can ask in the Google+ Help Community:
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Update: Google+ for consumers will be shutting down by April and the Google+ API will stop working March 7th

The Google+ "sunsetting" process has been sped up, with the shutdown 4 months earlier than originally announced.

Here's what we know:

* Google+ for consumers will be shut down by April 2019

* The Google+ API will be shut down by March 7, 2019 with "intermittent outages" beginning on January 28th

If you have Google+ badges, buttons, or embedded posts on your website or blog, now is the time to start removing those.

Also, create a backup archive of your Google+ data at

Google+ will continue to be available for G Suite customers after the shutdown of the consumer version of Google+.

Learn more about Google+ for Enterprise updates here:

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