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Cuba .. The forbidden fruit
When I think of Cuba, I always think of my first night back
in Havana after a whirlwind trip getting to CUBA … From Santo Domingo we left
at Mid-Day and reached at about half past 6 in the evening. At the airport , a
crowd of passengers awaiting their cling...

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Koh Samui never aged !
Koh Samui…is like that cool uncle who never aged… I first
fell in love with Koh Samui when I was all but 18. At almost 30 now I can say,
Koh Samui rather than becoming OLD and passee, it has embraced a new generation
of resort goers, many of them upscale. F...

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Republic Day Pride
Like any other urban Indian student, Republic Day for me was
like any other National Holiday. No school, Sleeping in till late and then
hearing my father’s story about his time as a Sea-Cadet. The March past in New
Delhi that he almost made to and how his f...

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Foetus A & Foetus B
I have commemorated every life event with a post on my blog…
and to not write something so dear to my heart would have been not honoring
those two little souls that were Kunal and my everything for the last 4 months.
Superstition has it in India that you do...

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Istanbul: a mash-up of East and West
Istanbul: a mash-up of East and West that vibrates to the rhythm
of techno Sufi drums and daily prayers. The city is an expanse of
neighborhoods’ that stretches across the tips of Europe and Asia and – even
while supporting a population of about 20 million ...

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Mozarella without fringes !
Cheese-pedition as I called it yesterday ! I am one to go to or swing by my neighbourhood Nature'sBasket to buy my cheese. Every since I first attended a cheese part back in Belgium - where I was exposed to 20 different cheese on a platter...

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Cheese, Say Cheese, Cheese Please !
Hope you are going to aim at eating lots of CHEESE today... today is National Cheese Day, ofcourse that is in america! The good people of AMUL Co-operative are you listeneing ? We need a cheese day !!! I'll be marking June 4th on my calendar to celebrate pr...

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Happiness is Contagious !
Happiness is officially contagious! A Harvard study followed 5,000 people over the course of 20 years, and found that positive emotions spread up to three degrees removed from the original source. Which means, we transfer our happiness to people we interact...

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Love Struck !
Hello Lovelies ... I hope everyone is  feeling their toes and fingers and all 20 of them !!  I am still finding my bearings post my little episode yesterday. I was required to go under a full body anesthesia. It was very scary. I was also attached to an IV ...

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For today's Etsy Faves, I invite you into my English cottage garden surrounded by sweet smelling blooms to soak up the sun in our vintage floral frocks and sip rose petal tea. Won't you join me? English Rose Soap by Ravenscourt Apothecary Vintage Style Flor...
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