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I'm a sucker for bits.
I'm a sucker for bits.

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If you liked the talk on building hardware for #AndroidThings from +Wayne Piekarski and I, you can now watch it again! If you missed it, now's your chance! As a bonus, you can learn how Wayne burned his fingers.

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This morning we announced the new Glass Enterprise Edition program, where Glass is being used in enterprise environments to help improve worker performance in all kinds of scenarios.

Note that this enterprise version is not available to the general public, and is available through a set of partners that build custom versions of the software for each individual application.

Check out the blog post here for an update:

The main site is here, and contains an FAQ with some more information:

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If you weren't able to attend the webinar that +Wayne Piekarski and I did last week with, it was recorded and you can catch it in it's entirety on YouTube!

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I wrote a thing about how we used AngularJS to build a talk submission and admin system for this year's +360|AnDev There's still time to join us in Denver later this week!

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The Android app for 360|AnDev 2017 is now live!
Go download it and start marking your favorite sessions!

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We've partnered with to create a community where aspiring IoT developers can showcase their Android Things projects and get inspired by the work of others. To kick things off, we will be co-hosting a live webinar titled Bootstrapping IoT Products with Android Things. See the blog post for more information, and join the discussion in our Google+ community at #AndroidThings

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Today we are launching a preview of the Android Things Console. This console allows developers to manage the software running on their fleet of Android Things IoT devices, including creating factory images, as well as updating the operating system and developer-provided APKs. Devices need to run a system image downloaded via the Android Things Console in order to receive future updates, such as the upcoming Developer Preview 5. Google provides all of the infrastructure for over-the-air (OTA) updates, so developers can focus on their specific application and not have to build their own implementation – getting their IoT devices to enter the market faster and more securely than before. See the blog post for more information and try the console at #AndroidThings

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The schedule is set, and we have a great lineup of speakers coming from all over, including 10 Googlers! Couldn't make it to Google I/O this year? Learn about the new improvements and feature in the following areas from Google engineers:

- Advanced ConstraintLayout
- Data Persistence using Room
- Architecture Components
- Data Binding
- Advanced Animation
- Nearby and Awareness API

July 13-14, 2017
Register Now:

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This AndroidThings Pico Pro Maker Kit was given to some #io17 attendees.

Wi-Fi, camera, 5" multitouch screen, Rainbow HAT.

The SoM is Pico i.MX70Dual for those wondering.

It's very cool!

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Watch +Renato Mangini and I discuss the new features released in Android Studio 3.0 to make developing for Android Things even easier.
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