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How could a business coach help you and your company? Your business coach can help you to improve in various different areas, for example time management, leadership and communication. If you have just started or are thinking about starting a business, a business coach will help you to get up and running and create a successful business.

Your24hCoach is the leading international coaching network and life coaching directory, connecting you to the best and most experienced life coaches. Connect with one of the best business coaches on Your24hCoach today!
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How to Reduce and Prevent Stress?

Stress is simply a reaction (physical, mental and/or emotional) to a stressor (trigger). It is a simple math equation A (stressor) + B (reaction) = C (stress). But the effect it has on the body and mind is not simple. Sometimes stress can be exciting, create interesting moments, and motivate you to excel, these moments are often referred to as "acute" stress.

At other times, stress can have a negative impact on your life and the people around you. Controlling stressors is a great way to manage stress, however, many times you cannot control the stressors, so learning to control your reaction to stress is one of the best ways to manage your stress and reduce the impact it has on your life.

The first step is to build awareness around the stressors in your life. As a coach and hypnotherapist I often recommend my clients start a journal when they begin visiting me. It helps a person build awareness around the challenges that are keeping them from achieving their goals.

Of course, the journal specifics are different and focused to the client's issue. In the case of a client looking to reduce stress I suggest they record their stress reactions throughout the day, the stressor, the emotions and physical responses. I also ask them to record whether or not this is related to a fear (rational or irrational) and if there is any negative self-talk during and around the stress event.

After the person has identified the stressors, what is controllable or not controllable, and their emotional, physical, and mental reaction to the stress events a plan can be formulated to help them manage their stress.

In today's world, reducing stress is very important. While the stressors we face are not the same as the ones the cave men/women faced all those centuries ago; the amount seems to have increased by leaps and bounds. This is not just because of external stressors but also internal ones.

The problem really arises when the body and mind take a long term (chronic) impact from the stress. So many studies have pointed to problems with the heart, arthritis, and other long term effects on the body. On study even points to a link between long-term stress and a weakened immune system.

Think of your body like a machine. It works well when it runs as it should. Overtaxing the machine at random intervals for minimal times and keeping up with basic care and maintenance will keep the machine running at regular levels for the most part. But overtaxing the machine for long periods of time in large amounts will make the machine run down faster and sometimes break. Finding ways to manage your stress becomes very important in these cases.

And how do you deal with stressful situations? Do you have certain habits, which help you to reduce your everyday stress?

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Great tip on how to add hours to your day

Find out more here >>> #Productivity
Here are a few ways you can increase your reading and viewing speed, so you have extra hours to develop new skills, deepen relationships or just get an extra edge in your career.
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The Guide to Personal Branding – From Coca Cola to Mary Poppins

What exactly IS our “personal brand” and why does it matter? Think of any product you like. I bet you can immediately visualise it. What do you see? There’s probably a distinctive logo and colour associated with it. That’s the visual identity.How does it make you feel? Does it conjure up images of summer and sunshine, freedom and energy?

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#MaryPoppins #PersonalBranding
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Thought of the day...#LoveLife
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How to Feel Better About Yourself and Your Life

I invite you to follow this condensed guide by being conscious of the type of thinking and perspective that will influence outcomes in your life.

If you manage to focus there is no limit to how your life will turn around in multiple ways.

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Great tips on what to do when you don't know what to do.

Discover more here >>>
As a business leader, you are always supposed to know what to do. But what do you do when it's just not clear what to do?
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11 Ways How to Boost your Child's Self-Esteem

It is true that children do not come with an instructional manual. However, with that being said, we are more prepared than our parents ever were to raise children with a healthy self-esteem and self-worth.To achieve this objective there are certain strategies that must be put into place in our daily parenting journey.

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Organizational Pyschology: How to Influence and Improve Team Dynamics With the Don Rio's Nine Domains Approach

Our workplaces are systems of relationships, and the healthier those systems are, the better the work they produce. A work team has a kind of interpersonal “personality”, a style of relating that can be deadening or exhilarating, inflexible or adaptive. Even a basic understanding of personality and its effect on interpersonal style can help members navigate the often difficult terrain of professional connections.

The Enneagram of Personality is probably the most powerful tool on the planet for that kind of assessment, awareness raising, and deep transformation of the ways we show up in the work world. However, Don Riso’s recent deepening of Enneagram nine-point personality typology into the more fundamental theory of the “Nine Domains of Functioning” could yield important shifts in the way personality experts work with the interpersonal challenges that work groups and organizations face daily.

The ability to form and maintain good relationships has been repeatedly demonstrated to be the single most potent factor in professional success. Whether we are at a roundtable with colleagues brainstorming every phase of production, from the first kernel of an idea to the day the product hits store shelves, or at the computer sending a first draft of a manuscript that took eight months to finish, at some point we bring our work to the world of professional relationships. And, for better or worse, we bring our interpersonal style along with it. As a species, we have figured out that the ground we gain by engaging with others (at some point) during the work process is worth the relational hurdles that may ensue.

Those relational hurdles are a product of each work team’s unique combination of interpersonal styles. With training in practices for style assessment, awareness, and transformation at the team level, as well as the individual level, the team relational chemistry can be continually analyzed and improved. In a sense, these practices keep organizations on their growing edge by dealing with relational issues before those issues slow progress and/or innovation.

Riso notes that: “Systems which are weak or lacking in even a few of the Domains are not likely to function well or to survive for long. Those in which all nine Domains are present and functioning well, however, not only have a better chance of surviving, but of growing and becoming better functioning and more robust". Just as individuals function better as a broader pallet of personality strengths becomes accessible to them in life situations, all relational systems function better as more of the personality strengths come into the interpersonal mix.

Because the Enneagram is such a universally applicable psychological growth tool, unmatched in the world of personality science in its capacity to guide people into the unlimited kaleidoscope of potential in human behavior, emotional responsiveness, and mental awakening, it is reasonable to assume (in this author’s opinion) that all of the Nine Enneagram Domain strengths Riso discovered are applicable to bringing professional relationships up to optimal functioning and productivity.

As you contemplate the brief descriptors of the Nine Domains and their possible relational counterparts in organizational life (below), think about what factors are present or missing in your professional connections:

Domain 1

Need for Principles, Order, and Ethics

Who is embodying the reminders to maintain a blameless, honorable position in relationship to our surrounding community and the world? Is there respect for the voices for balance, objectivity, logic, fairness, justice and order around the work table, and within my own being? What are the implied interpersonal ethics of this team?

Domain 2

Need for Personal Caring, and Connections with others

Which colleagues keep the reminders in front of the organization that people need love, appreciation, and care? Is there room here for the connection, warmth and personal relationship vital to any significant contribution I or anyone makes to the workplace, and vital to any significant contribution the workplace makes to the world?

Domain 3

Need for Self-Improvement and Advancement and Recognition

In this circle of coworkers, do we feel good about ourselves in each other’s presence? Is the air filled with liking, esteem, admiration, and valuing during meetings? Who carries the mantel of mining and mentoring the irreplaceable potential and talent of the outstanding individuals coming up through our organization?

Domain 4

Need for Personal Meaning and the Ability to find Aesthetic Satisfaction

Is there a balance between valuing the group’s desire to complete tasks and valuing each member’s desire to understand him or herself, and his or her feelings and motivations in regard to those tasks? Do we raise each other’s awareness about the fact that life is short, and that the many hours of it we spend on work need to be sourced in a unique sense of purpose, doing that which is personally meaningful and beautiful in some way?

Domain 5

Need for Knowledge and In-Depth Exploration of Reality

Are there members of our work community who focus our attention on the importance of knowledge, understanding, and expertise? Do we join with them in patient respect for the infinite complexity in the universe and the need to continue seeking objective truth? Is there time committed in our meetings to study reality in depth without interference or prejudice?

Domain 6

Need for Belonging and to Give and Receive Group Support

Are there some of our cohorts who frequently help to create a genuine team spirit? Do we experience camaraderie, belonging, and support, a sense of a work “home” or “family” in this workplace? Are we able to connect with each other in our efforts, and share an experience of contributing to something larger than self?

Domain 7

Need for Variety, Freedom for Experimentation, and Change

Someone in the group championing change, variety? Someone making sure there is plenty of mental and emotional stimulation in the work environment? Are we able to stay in a continual, free, vibrant exchange of ideas with one another? Do we harness the power life’s appetites, enjoyment and gratitude during project hours, instead of relegating those joy juices to Friday afternoons?

Domain 8

Need for Self-Assertion, Independence of Decision-Making and Action

Who at the table is known for the ability to both defend and assert themselves? Are we able to be with each other’s need for strength, grounded power, and even “against other” energy, if the situation demands it? Are independence, taking initiative, and setting self-determined goals and achieving them honored on this team because we see how those abilities in any colleague can benefit all of us?

Domain 9

Need for Stability, Harmony, and Effortless Flow

Where are the steady team mates who can bring us into peace of mind amid the many changes and losses throughout the work cycles? Are we able to truly see the significant contribution of grounded calm these coworkers make? Do we seek to understand our connection to each other, and our connection to the many layers of larger work systems, in ways that help resolve conflicts and tensions, and to detoxify the work environment?

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As an experienced business coach, Sonia can help you to achieve your career and business goals. She is committed to developing new and established leaders & management executives to perform with confidence, clarity and motivation to achieve their career milestones.

Is Sonia the right coach for you? See her professional coaching profile here >>>
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Did You Change Your Career Goals? Top Tips for a Successful Career Change

So the New Year has arrived, and all of my clients, just like the rest of the world, are talking about goals. This year, apparently, will be different. They even have an app that will track their progress and alert them if they digress from the ‘chosen path’. Ah, the wonders of technology!

Then, of course, comes goal number one: I want to find a different job, ASAP. Now, that is a statement! ‘Wonderful’, I say, and then I ask how they will go about it (apart from the app, that is). ‘Well, I will wait and see how it goes’ is the answer I usually get. The proper coach that I am, I feed their genius answer back to them, and we have a good laugh. Then, we start to work because, really, ‘waiting to see how things go’ and ‘ASAP’ just don’t get together very well.

This is not to say that the ‘going with the flow’ approach is wrong. Different people have different needs. If your career change is something that you are just ‘contemplating’ and you are ‘playing with the idea a bit’, then, by all means, continue playing. You are not ready for anything real yet.

On the other hand, if you want change and you want it fast, waiting and seeing ‘how things work out’ will find you welcoming 2015 in exactly the same position as you left the good year 2013. With that in mind, which steps can you take to quickly get to your goal?

1) Get familiar with LinkedIn, pronto! Improve your profile, start searching, re-connect with everyone you can think of and start using this site instead of your ‘put-me-back-on-track app’. Keep yourself on track by being committed. Set aside a daily time slot for your interaction with LinkedIn; yes, it is that important.

2) Start networking outside of your normal environment. Again, make it a regular part of your schedule. Look up all the suitable events and commit to participating in them. Sit down with your calendar and pencil them in. Pre-book, if needed. Do anything and everything you can to make sure you go there and participate actively. Make sure to know exactly what you are going to say and what you are trying to achieve by being there.

3) Include everyone in your surroundings in your career search. It can still be done discreetly. The truth is, however, the more people know about your plans, the more they will be able to help you.

These three steps will kick start the process for you, but to persevere all the way towards the goal of a successful career change, hiring a coach is the best decision you can make. This process can be tricky, and many people give up along the way. Share with us your career story or what are your own career change tips for success?

Click Here to find out more>
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[New Blog] 6 Simple Questions to Help You Find the Right Career 

It is never easy thinking of changing jobs, starting new careers, or starting a new business. It’s very tricky at times deciding on what will make you happy versus is there enough pay. To be happy in your work, it may be beneficial to look at your ‘sweet spot’. This is where what you do best, what you love and what the market will buy are connected. This Article looks at how to truly find work that you love.

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- Resolving conflict and how to deal with difficult people
- Providing entrepreneurs with guidance and support to develop their business ideas
- Executive coaching including improving your skills in delegation, conflict resolution and general people 
- Improve the productivity and relationships within your team
- Improve your time management and your performance
- Stress management and burn out prevention

3. Career Coaching l
- Develop a career strategy and map out a plan to achieve your goals 
- Dealing with redundancy and changing career 
- Handling a new role and dealing with office politics 
- How to handle job interviews and tough job situations 

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- Find and utilize your unique strengths and improve your self-confidence
- Get over presentation and exam anxiety
- How to handle grief and loss
- How to deal with stress

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- Getting over a break-up or divorce
- How to communicate better with your partner
- Improve your dating confidence
- How to deal with betrayal, infidelity and jealousy 

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- How to manage and reduce debt
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