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On July 11, 2016, Aetna Bearing Company celebrated its 100 Year Anniversary.
So what does it take to be a 100-year-old Bearing and Anti-Friction Company. Few companies make it this far. Most are absorbed by the markets they serve within a few decades. So how has Aetna Bearing Company lasted so long?
Over time, we’ve learned that success is elusive. It isn’t about your product or your business model- it’s about holding your ground at the cutting edge of your market. That means providing a genuine service, not just to your partners, but to a global community. That takes leadership, resilience, continuous improvement and innovation.   
You never define yourself by your product or your brand. You put your passion to work- serving a greater ideal- and you use your product as the tool to do it. That’s what makes a company that lasts, and that’s what Aetna Bearing Company is so good at doing.
Thank you to all our employees, vendors, partners, customers, and neighbors that joined us on our 100 Year Celebration and a special thanks to Mayor Barrett Pedersen and his staff for being with us on this once in a lifetime occasion.

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