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Like to spend some weekend time on the couch and dream of summer?!
Watch this!
Here it is our latest and longest piece of work.
Take the time and prepare for something unexpected...

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Thanks for sharing the full movie to +Bjoern Habegger  and +Lisa TCA.
Also, please check out and follow our G+ +faust&heisler  site for more movies.
Lot´s of stuff to come in the next weeks...
As promised here´s our full roadtrip from Paris to Le Mans in an electric Smart. Special thanks to +Ralf Becker  and +Chris S.  from +Chromjuwelen .

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We were out on an adventure with the guys from Chromjuwelen.
The full movie will be premiered on saturday, September 1st.
Starting at 18h at the "Museum der Arbeit" in Hamburg, see ya there!!!

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Wanna know more?
Join +faust&heisler !!!
Our latest work for
Too bad we don´t have excuses to join the shootings anymore...;)

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Watch out!
#Hilferuf   eines vdh-Mitglieds (Verein der Heckflossenfreunde) aus #Hamburg  dessen #Mercedes   #Opfer   eines #Diebstahl s wurde. BITTE WEITERTEILEN

Hallo, am Wochenende (23./ 24.06.2012) wurde mein weinroter (Barolorot) Mercedes #240TD  , Baujahr #1985 in Hamburg, Thadenstraße gestohlen. Anhängerkupplung, Schiebedach, leichte Roststellen, helle Ledersitze, Chromdachreling, Radzierdeckel in Wagenfarbe. Ein Foto habe ich angehängt. Leider war der Wagen nur zehn Tage in meinem Besitz, was die Sache noch ärgerlicher macht. Falls jemand das fahrzeug sieht, bitte meldet Euch Vielen Dank und die besten Grüße,

Jan Wehberg
Mobil: Null17Neun 978 63 6drei

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 A teaser for the upcoming film about a young publishing house.

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shift&tilt not colourful&cozy...!!!
Hamburg // -15°C // Testing some lenses

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A glimpse into the german hot rodding scene!
Rust´n Dust 2011!
This year from 13th to 15th of July, don´t miss it!

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About to become a classic of f&h...
A portrait of +Ralf Becker
Special thanks to +Helge Thomsen for his Mad Max Interceptor!

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