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Brenna Bliss
Ill conceived lunacy trapped in a net of horror and then aged to delirium.
Ill conceived lunacy trapped in a net of horror and then aged to delirium.


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It looks as though it has been canceled, but how completely horrifying.

My brain cannot even do the math that they must have to do to make this sound okay as parents.
Not secular AT ALL! But an unbelievable story that we had to share! OMG! REALLY! So wrong!

My brain feels weirdly disconnected today and yesterday... I think that we do not like this dose for meds. Come to think of it I had detached spells last week too. May need to see my local VA clinic sooner rather than later.



Just heard a Mother's Day commercial on the radio. Said, "Every mom deserves a crown! So celebrate Mother's Day with some Crown Royal..."

It is not even the first WTF radio commercial that I have heard here for a holiday. There was one encouraging people to buy snowmobiles for Lent...

I am not a teetotaller, but Crown is not my first choice... By about a mile.

SMH in #Alaska

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Cauliflower seems to be The hot ingredient this year. I see it all over my stream across multiple social media platforms...

I do like enchiladas though...

Possibly of interest to +Bobbi Jo Woods

AT&T just woke me up at 06:00 on a Saturday, via text, to tell me that my bill, which is on auto-pay, has gone through.


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Watched this with the children today. Super fun, we all love The Hulk. Look, it even has tentacles!

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