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Anu Harchu
Drink coffee and do stupid things with more energy!
Drink coffee and do stupid things with more energy!

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Why did I move my blog to Medium from Tumblr?
I moved my blog. Again. A year ago in February, I wrote a blog post on my very first blog on Blogger titled  I am moving to Tumblr from Blogger . Today, I am writing the same story with but with different platforms. A-year-ago-me was smitten with the idea o...

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When I see the tons of bloggers that I follow on different platform, the service that they use significantly differ on the types of posts they do. Fashion bloggers tends to prefer WordPress or Blogspot because they are much more customization-prone and they...

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WE, a poem by Joany 'Alice' Coleman We are in a room where Filtering light Strikes Wandering hands And loveless exchanges Which move to echoing corridors With the perfect Acoustics for our cries. We are used To empty rooms Because we're hollow With no regar...

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Хайрыг яг зөв дүрсэлж чадсан кинонууд
Хайр сайнтай ч муутай ч кино уран бүтээлчдэд хүний зүрх сэтгэлийг эзэмдэх өргөн их боломжийг олгож байдаг. Хайрын тухай олон романтик кино байдаг ч яг хайрыг тэр чигээр нь буулгаж чадах тийм хялбар биш. Ердөө хоёр цагийн хугацаанд хайрын олон тал, давхар да...

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Move - CSS
The song speaks for itself.

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DAMNED by Chuck Palahniuk | Read Log
"Are you there, Satan? It's me, Madison." Every chapter of this book starts with this same phrase, except the last one. The last one included the protagonist's full name, a girl so emotionally deprived and needy that she seeks attention from the Hades himse...

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Hello people of the internet, It's been a long time since I did a video on my YouTube channel. So I am making one, though the quality of the lighting and the lack of editing is might not be satisfactory, I thought I should upload it anyway. So here it is. M...

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Christmas is in the Air
Hello people of the internet, As the coming of December looms on us, the most horrible time of the year comes along. Sometimes I wonder if the celebrations are all bundled up together in the last months of a year just to cover up the fact that it is just mo...

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The Hawk in Paris - Freaks
I Shazamed this song off of a Vampire Diaries episode, I think. Pretty obsessive tune. That's all that this track needs.
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