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wow, sorry,, but your above graphic is too much for advanced lyme/co-infection patients; some can get seizures from this type of thing, fyi only .... not to criticize you but to make you aware of the type of environment THEY need. would you consider changing it to something not as powerful on the eyes as what this is? thanks for understanding where my comments are coming from. hugs, bettyg, iowa activist 13 yrs; misdiagnosed 35 yrs. by 40-50 drs.

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i listened as i read/replied my email, the support group boards for LYME disease, parkinson's, alzheimer's, dementia.

this is a MUST SEE so you KNOW WHO is speaking; it was different voices every 5-10 minutes. hard to multi-task.

glad it is ONLY 1.5 HRS. that is managemeable.

the other health summits are 4-6 speakers with each being 30-60+ minutes. we do NOT have that amount of time daily NOR do majority of those watching these FREE SUMMITS have any money to buy flashdrives, etc.

lyme disease we pay about 100% OUT OF POCKET.

thanks tom for bringing your type of summit to us in short 1.5 hr. programs ;)

bettyg, iowa activist

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As a senior, age 67, I do NOT carry a purse. So I carry my cell phone in my slacks pocket ... good thing too as I fell in my back yard last weekend laying out my water hose to wrap it up with ALL the kinks in it.

Sun hit me in the eye, and I fell in my tree stump hold blinded by sun.

Fell on my NEW knee replacement; thank you God, it was NOT dislocated and I wasn't hurt except for my pride ;)

Had I not the phone in my pocket, I couldn't have called the non-emergency POLICE for a medical assist in getting me up off the ground. I have police no. in my contact list and on SPEED DIAL ;)

This is ONE exception to your case since we should have it on us when going down our basement stairs, etc.

Thanks for the good health summits and articles doc ;)

Betty Gordon, Iowa

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those of us with NEURO COGNITIVE issues can NOT read your posts.

Please have short 1-2 sentences MAX then double-space each paragraph.

i'm sure you have worthwhile info, we don't have time to copy/paste it and break it up.

thanks for your consideration now and in future articles plus your books ;)

betty gordon
48 yrs. chronic Lyme patient this xmas
35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs.

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To Peter Brown's family,
How my siblings and I loved watching your Dad on tv on all the good western shows we had in the 1950s growing up.

Then 60s came and I remember loving him in Disney movie with Hayley Mills and Burl Ives.

He was blessed with good looks but was a great actor as well. He played each part well.

I just watched a rerun of HART TO HART; your Dad was the bad guy, killer in this one; a rarity for him! It made me wonder if he was still alive or not. So I googled and found out this info.

RIP PETER; you might meet my late husband, Jack Gordon, who also enjoyed your performances in our 40 years of marriage.

Betty Gordon, Iowa lifelong fan ;)

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INTERESTING! so what do they call this that opened 9 years ago????

Columbia University. This multi-disciplinary Research Center, formally opened in 2007, is the first in the United States to focus research specifically on the problem of chronic Lyme disease.

It brings together experts in neurology, infectious disease, immunology, genetics, neuroimaging, microbiology, neuropsychiatry, pathology, rheumatology, and public health.

BettyG, Iowa lyme activist
47.5 yrs. chronic lyme
35 yrs. MISDIAGNOSED by 40-50 drs.

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you have had wonderful comments above; kudos to your medical expertise and PERSONAL experience with our diseases.

i am the widow of the 1st patent Dr. Alan MacDonald found to have BOTH these 2 diseases found in his brain autopsy;

Borrelia/Lyme disease and LEWY body dementia causing violent hallucinations like Robin Williams had.

Because Jack was the 1st case WORLDWIDE, he is being written up for a scientific medical journal to be published in the future; unknown journal at this time.

I will be the 1st co-author, a non-medical wife, over the 3 medical folks involved!!

Jack was also the 1st patient Alan found with the filarial neomotode worm in his brain. They cut the worm in half and Lyme was found inside the worm.

"(1) Borrelia DNA and antibodies to Borrelial proteins found in Lewy Bodies
From the F1000 poster by Alan B. MacDonald, MD, FCAP:

"Diffuse Cortical Lewy Body Dementia (DCLBD) is a neurodegenerative disease of unknown causation.

Under the microscope, in the cerebral cortex of the human brain are numerous Lewy Bodies. ...

Herein are presented two autopsy cases of DCLBD Dementia in human patients in their seventh decade of life. ...

"Herein we present that the Lewy Bodies in DCLBD are in addition immunoreacitve for Borrelia burgdorferi proteins by Immunohistochemistry (IHC) studies using rabbit antibodies against whole cell lysates of pure cultures of Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes...

"Further, we demonstrate the hybridization of DNA probes specific for the DNA of Borrelia burgdorferi, by Fluorescence In Situ DNA Hybridization (FISH) ...

"These two data sets establish that a heretofore un-imagined linkage exists between chronic (Tertiary) neuroborreliosis in the human brain and the development of Diffuse Cortical Lewy body Dementia..."

View full report of these two tragic cases, with micrographs, here: posters/5-127<> "

concerning the worm found in my late husband's brain is the following info:

"Differential Interference Microscopy at High Resolution

Image shows multiple worm fragments [retractile-pale green] embedded in the brain in addition to the Lewy Bodies (red) and Lewy Neurites (red) ordinary stains would not image the worm fragments.

Therefore to render them VISIBLE, I used Differential Interference Microscopy (Nomarsky optics) to "pull" the refractile worm fragments into clearer view.

(3 dimensional profiles which "flicker" as the focus is changed).

This is the first of its kind discovery linking nematode worm infestation of the human brain to Lewy body disease.

The pathognomonic Alpha Synuclein protein is toxic to human neurons and to glial cells and stains with ABCAM rabbit antibodies (polyclonal) to Alpha synuclein [Red signal - Alpha synuclein in Lewy bodies and in axons
of Lewy Neurites].

I have previously demonstrated to you (with the most excellent Immunostains of Paula at Excalibur Labs) that:

1. Lewy bodies are marked with Rabbit antibodies to human Alpha Synuclein

2. Lewy neurites are marked with rabbit antibodies to human Alpha Synuclein

3. Nematode larval worms contain immunorective proteins to Human Alpha Synuclein

4. Nematode worms are endowed with their own neurons and their own Glial cells

5. Synuclein proteins (but not necessarily the toxic variant of Alpha synuclein) are incumbent in Synaptic Structure, and these are located between the Dendritic/Synaptic button apparatus and the Nucleus of the neuron

6. Borrelia burgdorferi is an EndoSymbiont microbe which dwells inside of the bodies of select nematode worms, larvae, and worm eggs too.

7. Borrelia burgdorferi might be endowed with a protein which is immune-reactive to the toxic variant of Alpha Synuclein or Borrelia spirochetes may absorb this protein or Borrelia spriochetes may absorb this protein

8. Borrelia penetrates the cell membrane of neuronal cells and lives inside of these neurons.

9. Borrelia spirochetes are fully capable of killing neurons from the INSIDE/out.

10. Borrelia spirochetes dwelling as Endosymbionts inside Parasitic nematodes are protected by the worms from killing by antibiotics.

Upon death of the worm of even during the lifetime of the worm, the borrelia spirochetes may be liberated from their Worm SANCTUARY and live in the human ExtraCellular fluid domain.

Exceutive Summary:

Nematode parasites in human brain have never been considered in the pathology of any neurodegenerative disease.

Neural Larval Migrans (a variant of Visceral Larval Migrans, and Cutaneous Larval migrans) is a well recognized entity causing death, and permanent brain injuries, and permanent CNS disabilities in Veterinary patients.

Nematode parasites in the River Blindness Clinical Model, carry Wolbachi species inside of their bodies [Endosymbiont Wolbachia].

Wolbachia species take the lion's share of the credit for producing River Blindness.

Tetracylcline kills both the worms (Onchocerca Volvulus) and the Wolbachia species Microbes.

Tetracycline may not kill all nematode species.

The Duray Foundation now has proof that nematode parasites in human brain/Cerebrospinal fluid are involved in the pathogenesis of:

1. Multiple Sclerosis (demyelination),

2. Glioblastoma Multiformae (Transfection of Glial cells by Burgdorferi DNA transfer into Glial cell nuclei with immortalization and neoplastic transformation of the transfected Glial cell nuclei.

(5 patients of 5GBM brain biopsies examined)

3. Diffuse Cortical Lewy Body Disease (Robin Williams' disease) with both nematode worms and Borrelia burgdorferi spirochetes present in Autopsy Brain tissues."

Jack had NEVER been diagnosed with either Borrelia/lyme or Lewy body dementia. He was misdiagnosed for 35 yrs. for his lyme/bartonella!!

I also was misdiagnosed for 35 yrs. of my 47.5 yrs. with chronic lyme disease; he was bitten 10 yrs. later than me.

Neither of us saw an embedded tick with blood. We had NO BULLS-EYE RASH or any type of rash!

Jack was diagnosed with essential tremor, then later Parkison's for 5+ years, and later dementia.

Mark, it is apparent you came here only to "attack" Dr. MacDonald's work.

Your reference to the quackwatch site; well, naturally you would recommend that since it's apparent you contribute there ;)

When asked to present your medical credentials; you replied you would just be attacked, and did NOT reply.

So it's better to attack then to be attacked right? WRONG!

Alan provided me SCIENTIFIC FACTS over the wrong diagnosis several drs. gave us over the last 35 yrs. of Jack's life.

I now have peace of mind knowing this vs. guessing what he might have had.

I'm trying to get Jack's death certificate amended showing Alan's scientific evidence he found on Borrelia/Lyme and Lewy body dementia contributing to his death vs. lung cancer on there which he was diagnosed with lung and liver cancer 2 NIGHTS prior to his untimely death.

Yes, unless you are looking specifically for certain things, they can and will be overlooked.

Yes, Alan has been the only pathologist doing this type of work.

He had done the LABOR FREE; charges only for the materials used doing the various blood slides.

Can YOU say that Mark that you work for NOTHING in return? Nope; didn't think so ;)

BettyG, Iowa
widow/chronic lyme/lewy body dementia activist

now, i know you will ATTACK ME, THE WIDOW, Mark; so I do NOT plan on replying to you anymore; gains nothing at all.
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ann commented on Thank you for that information, Elena.

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THANK YOU TO ALL OUR VETS on this stage this year, past years, those NOT at all to date, and all our RECENT vets!

Each of you served us proudly and gave us each what we enjoy today:   our safety, the FREEDOMS many take for granted, and the huge sacrifices YOU/your families gave during your tenure in war.

Praying  EACH of you get the needed help for PTSD and whatever else each of you are going thru.

I was able to attend 3 of 4 send-offs; so impressive; well-organized; and the programs each from the HEART.

The young man who wrote his essay and reading it in from of his grandpa, who didn't know he would be,  was very impressive as well as well as our gifted young singer, and the FREEDOM BAND.

When I got home,  I took the lead singer's advise; emailed SENATOR JONI ERNST in DC about your suggestion to have a future DESERT STORM monument!

THANK YOU again to each of you who has served in the military;  WE do appreciate you.

RIP to all those you served with who didn't make it home, giving the ultimate sacrifice.

a grateful Ames resident,

Betty Gordon

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bubz commented on

 Conventional medicine is not the way forward. My husband suffered with chronic fatigue for many years.

 General GP thought it was in his head and he was imagining his lethargy and refused to treat, so we went down the very expensive route of alternative therapies.

Eventually I found a wonderful former GP who is now a herbalist/naturopath and we cured him with a change of diet, homeopathic and herbal remedies, meditation and massage amongst other things.

 Took a while but he's back to living a virtually normal life, although he can be susceptible to little viruses and infections.
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