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Pre-censored to satisfy the Art Police
We aims to please!

Last Wednesday (11/02), I shared a public post , along with an album containing 22 images, to protest the censorship of art. At that time, I also created the #occupygpluscensorship hash. A number of the images were quickly flagged by the Art Police and, not much later, the post itself became restricted some time on Friday (11/04).

The OP was reinstated the following Monday (, but I felt it might be fun to share the album...publicly again...yet pre-censor the images for the convenience of the Art Police. I sympathize that they can't be everywhere all the time. (TY +jeffrey m fletcher for the idea!)

It quickly became a rather fascinating exercise that I hadn't anticipated...because I had no idea what was offensive and what wasn't. Fifteen of the 22 images were ultimately flagged with no rhyme or reason. Do I cover only the nipple? The whole breast? Entire cleavage? I had no clue.

So, I opted for the minimalist approach...

However, after uploading the new album, a new discovery. Google had apparently tagged some of the images with its recognition software and it looked like seven of the 22 images were either still under review, or permanently banned. I clicked for reviews on all of the precensored flagged images and now, a bit less than a day later, it appears all of them have been un-flagged. Is it a victory when pre-censored art is approved for viewing?

I also uploaded all 22 uncensored images to another album, so I could share these with a private circle containing everyone who has participated in the censorship posts and discussions. In this uncensored, but private album, eight of the images remain flagged. But, not all are the same flagged images as in the pre-censored album. Go figure.

Now, I don't know what's art and what's not.
I don't know if I can even tell a breast from a nipple.
What I do I know is that it's all very confusing. And very arbitrary.

If you disagree with the censorship of art and you want to help create more nipples, er, ripples in the G+ pond, then please...

Re-share this post PUBLICLY!

Re-share the OP ( on censorship PUBLICLY!

Limited posts don't appear in Ripples.

If you participated in any of the discussions on this issue, or re-shared any of my censorship posts, then you're probably in my "Censorship" circle. If you're not sure, if you want to be able to see the uncensored album, then +mention me here in the comments and I will add you.

/cc: +Philippe Cornu-Marquis +Ana Drahotusky Bruketa +Kent Oldhøj +Lester Barrows +Marcin Ciszewicz +Colton B
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It is all very silly. Thanks for your persistence. 
I've seen nipples before and I've seen porn. Nipples don't equal porn any more than other body parts, genitalia or otherwise. What seems to be porn to some people is simply that which makes them uncomfortable. It's extrapolating from that discomfort of one's own feelings into protecting others from that which might discomfort them that turns them into the Art Police (or Taliban or whatever).
I think that most people don't actually "think" when they see body parts. "Nipple. Click that button".
+Samir Osman hey mate ...and i've the discussion in one of my posts ....with my nonfluent english :(
I appreciate all the fantastic support! It's getting nigh impossible to keep up and go to each person's stream to plus your re-share and comment, so this is the best way I can say thank you to everyone! I'm also adding you, if you weren't already in it, to my "Censorship" circle so you can receive future updates.
nope this cannot be censored ..this is an artistic form
America needs to leave it's prudish Puritan peculiarities in the past. I am truly tired of a double standard that uses sex to sell virtually everything but won't allow real art free and open expression. I too would like to see what set off the Prude Police.
+Laja DeCuir Added! I don't mind you using any of the images, but do note that none of them are my work.
Thank you very much. Are there any copyrights I have to be careful about?
+Laja DeCuir I have to say I don't know. I posted these in a frenzy of reacting to the flagging and censorship of images. I've been so busy in the aftermath that I'm afraid I haven't gotten around to posting attribution in the captions. I do know artist's names for many of them, but not all. I just now added artist names to some of the images in this album. You can aslo use Google image search to try to track down the information.
Well done! I've had to resort to moving my private gallery off G+ and onto Flickr because of Google's idiocy. Thanks for this awesome post!
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