I support freedom of speech
Not only in the streets of America, but also in the streams of G+

I've been living in China for over six years now. And it still never ceases to amaze (and amuse) me that the government believes it can control what people read, think and say. But, hey, it's their country and the powers that be are entitled to their indubitably doomed opinion.

Publicly, I grin and bear it. I give mianzi, or face, to the Chinese way. Privately, I grimace and VPN the hell out of it. I have to...if I want access to information, instead of propaganda. Or when I want my G+ fix. Or even if I want to work on Google Docs.

It's my choice to continue living in China, so I live with, endure the consequences. But when I log onto G+...whether it's to dip my toes or to do a total belly flop in people's streams...I'm looking for a breath of fresh air. Not a cloud of more oppression.

Censorship isn't just wrong. It's evil. Plain and simple. Period.

Now, I understand that this is Google's game and they make the rules. But that doesn't mean the rules are right. Or that they can't be changed. Or shouldn't be changed. Take the nymwars as a prime example.

The Chinese have a saying – meibanfa, which simply means "nothing can be done." Nothing I can do. So why bother? Why make trouble for myself? Or my family? Which pretty much explains why some change in China is godawful slow. Although I personally see more and more people chaffing under the yoke each and every year.

But, I'm American. Google is American. I believe in doing no evil. Google believes in doing no evil.

What's wrong with this picture?

And, I mean this...quite literally. What's "wrong" with this image? Or that image? Whose place is it to determine which image is "right" or "wrong?" Are we not all 18+ adults on Google Plus? If something is beyond the pale for you...for your tastes or your beliefs...by what right do you choose, or dictate to me, what I can read or see?

Personally, I've run out of patience with people who are flagging images. [Just now, I see that my re-share of a +Paul Roustan post with his body painting images has been flagged.] More importantly, however, I've run out of patience with Google. The policy is not only innately ridiculous for an adult community, it reeks of the kind of oppression that is intolerable.

Therefore, a call to virtual arms!

Along with my diatribe, I have included visual protests to Google's policy. A challenge, if you will. Some of them have been flagged and censored on G+. Some of them have not. None of them offend me. If they offend you...move on, ignore, block, flag...censor away.

If you agree with me, I ask you to please PUBLICLY RE-SHARE this post.

I want to start an occupygpluscenshorship movement. I want to create a Ripple with this post. I want you to create your own Ripple. Please publicly re-share this post. Then publicly share your own post with your own images.

If you agree with me, please don't just +1 this. Pluses are nice...and welcome. But do more than plus it. Publicly re-share. And then do your own post. The more people who protest Google's policy, the more Ripples we create. If we can create enough whitewater, we will get Google's attention.

Please PUBLICLY RE-SHARE! Please join in...
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