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Battling Myopia

Students at a primary school in Wuhan (Hubei province) returned to school after the winter holiday and found a little extra added to their desks. School officials say the bars will help the students form better reading habits and reduce near-sightedness. (Numbers vary, but I've seen reports citing as high as 80% of high school graduates suffering from myopia.)

BTW, this particular class is comprised of "left-behind" children whose parents are migrant workers in far-flung corners of China.
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Bryan Jones

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China Vagina Monologues

The Gender Activism Club at the Beijing Foreign Studies University has been actively, ah, prodding local vaginas to speak up...
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young  women!!, idk if you've heard it but there's a joke in the back of my my mind (or somewhere) that alludes to girls having discovered a new toy , that they wanna play with  and would like to share ,but aren't quite sure of the rules,
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Friends with benefits

OP8 Siren with not much left to do except putz around helping out if I can. I play on a Mac(mini). Look for/invite: txediter

Happing hunting, folks!
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Bryan Jones

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Color Me Curious

Now that I've joined the vaping bandwagon...and this community...I find I'm doing a tad of a retro Tiny Tim tiptoe, a tobacco two-step. I'm dancing around, "What is my goal?" Quitting tobacco? Or quitting nicotine?

Lo these many years and untold times I tried to quit smoking, the two were irrevocably tied together. If you could beat the nicotine addiction, then you'd beaten tobacco, too, and improved your life expectancy considerably. Yet this new technology unties that knot. You can beat tobacco without giving up nicotine.

Is that a good thing?

I possibly have a moderately addictive personality. During my tenure of exploring and adventuring all the consumable goodies that life has to offer, I somehow managed to limit myself to three addictions. Presented in assumed order...

THC. Nicotine. Caffeine.

I was 14 when I became a toker, 15 when I started smoking and I don't believe it was until my mid-20s that I gathered caffeine into the fold. I was a happy toker most of my life, quitting only a couple of brief times...up until I came to China. I don't toke here for fear of deportation. My wife is Chinese. But I happily pick it back up when we visit the states and then rather sadly leave it behind when we return. Caffeine is a morning thing, along with nicotine, to jump start my body and my day. (Unlike my father, I managed to avoid becoming addicted to alcohol. Although I do drink more here in China, I've always preferred THC over alcohol.)

Anywaaay...substance addiction is a bad thing. Right? No?

I drink two, sometimes three cups of coffee every morning. I like coffee. Always have ever since my grandmother would give us a cup, heavily laced with milk and sugar, when I was a boy. But now, my body needs it, or I get headaches. I figure I'm not severely abusing this particular drug, so I don't overly worry or concern myself about it.

THC, my first love, I dearly miss. I don't need it like I did at times in my life, but I do miss it...the whole ritual of cleaning, rolling, smoking, the aroma, the flavor and, of course, the high. So much more mellow than alcohol. (If Lionel manages to patent a 420 juice, I'd be sorely pressed to resist.)

As for nicotine, I don't think I could claim that cigarettes ever tasted good to me. Yet, along with pot, I would lay claim to simply being a smoker. I like to smoke. I enjoy a good cigar and often buy a box of Cuban cigars whenever I'm passing through international airports. I've also enjoyed pipe tobacco, which certainly offers a great deal more in the way of aroma and flavor than cigarette tobacco. So, I'm a smoker.

And, if I'm a smoker, but can quit smoking tobacco yet continue to smoke via vaping, meanwhile continuing my substance abuse of nicotine...that's a good thing, right? No?


I explained to my wife that, along with assorted flavors and compositions, one can choose varying levels of nicotine strength. And that my Mt. Baker order consisted of a range that would allow me to taper from high to low. She contemplated that for a moment and said, "But you're going to quit nicotine, too, right?"

I said yes, but I'm waffling now. I never had the choice before. I do now. I have no intention of giving up caffeine. I'm still an opportunistic toker.

What's your goal? I'm being rather arbitrary about this, but I'm going to post this as a poll. No shades of gray. Give me a yes or no. We can talk later...
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Vape on!

Bryan Jones

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I'm snagging a tip from +Marc Jansen today. Instead of posting more Chinese art, or some quirky Sino-related tidbit, I found something interesting three degrees removed from me in my stream. And appropriated it. You may, or may not, find it interesting, too.

This post resonated with me because I'm newly returned to G+ after an almost one year hiatus. I had contemplated abandoning the Google social ship altogether, but one aspect of being an expatriate (eight years now) drew me back onboard.


My wife jokes with me at times that I'm more yellow than she is...meaning more Chinese than her. And I have assimilated a great deal. I know, I understand a lot more about Chinese culture and Chinese people, and even the language, than I did before I came here. However long I live here though, I simply live within the culture, not in it. I'm not Chinese and never will be, even if they were interested in expanding their population via immigration/naturalization.

I do have Chinese friends, yet the reality is that these relationships don't provide the same scope, the depth and breadth friendship requires so that you feel connected to another human being. As much as I enjoy my life here, I need that kind of connection. And interaction.

I need that Na'vi, I see you. I get you. I know where you're coming from. Which I can tell you from a great deal of experience doesn't grow on the tea bushes here in China. And it's not in the grains of sand on the beach 500 meters from my door.

But it just might be in the grains of sand in this virtual sandbox. It was here before...before I abandoned ship, before I needed to deal with the barnacles dragging my life down into murky water. I've only been back a few days but it's still here.

You are still here. So thank you.

I'm still evaluating how to get the most out of my time online. Which is why the original post about leadORS profiles, or personalities, caught my attention. And why I followed up by taking the quick profile indicator.

It says I'm an Analyst. Closed. Selective. Supportive.

Maybe this post even supports that diagnosis. I don't know. You tell me. But I do know that it's one more data point to help me analyze how to maximize my online time so I can See You.

You can find +martin shervington's OP here:
And the leadORS short questionnaire here:

Note: you do have to register with leadORS in order to take the questionnaire, but I didn't personally find that too threatening.

Found via +Marcelo Almeida via +Max Huijgen 
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i liked the colors in mine
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Bryan Jones

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I know right, I got them all in November 3 month's after I got the game (granted I couldn't play for 1 1/2 months)
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Bryan Jones

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Play on Steam?

Running BL2 and all DLCs on a Mac Mini via Steam. Have an OP8 Siren and happy to help folks level up. Currently working on a Zerker (I think lvl 70) and a Zero (lvl 68?).

I failed to stash all my top lvl 72 gear as I was leveling up my Siren, so willing to trade/dupe some good OP8 gear for any 72 gear for my zerker and assassin.

My Steam name is: txediter
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I'm on the ps3, thanks though.
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Bryan Jones

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OP8 Weapons Trade?

Growing a tad tired of the incessant farming in order to get some things I want. I have a fair collection of OP8 gear...and only interested in trading for OP8 gear.

Particularly interested in a grounded Bee. Also, shock Infinity. Or, offer what you have. Can provide a screen shots.

I have:
Norfleets-Puissant Shock & Corrosive (Logan's Gun (lvl 61) included, but it's for resupplying rockets, not about the level)
Sham shield- top absorb rate
Hoplite shield
Bee shields- high capacity or high amp damage or faster RR/RD
Sand Hawks- Fire, Shock & Corrosive
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Bryan Jones

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Looking for co-op play

I"ve played entirely solo up to this point (level 50), but looking for folks who'd like to hook up if you don't mind someone who's a newb at co-op. (I'm running via Steam on a MacMini if that makes any difference.) Particularly looking to work together to farm legendary weapons.

And just for fun of course!
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Bryan Jones

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Just sayin'...

I think it was +Caz Abbott who mentioned in Sheila's post that it takes, in general, a couple of weeks before your lungs start feeling the benefits. Don't know how much the rest of you were smoking, but I've got about 45 years down my lungs...with better than two packs a day for nearly a decade.

I'm a little over a week analog-free now, but I could feel that heavy hand lifting from my chest within just a few days. All without one of those overwhelming cravings where you freak out and go buy a pack.

Now, if my Mt. Baker order of five flavors would just show up...
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It took me 8 days to start to notice any real difference after I totally quit analogs. First my smell came back, I read it takes about 3 months to fully regain lung function, at one month out I do not feel healed but better so I would tend to agree with that at this point. 
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Straddling two American in China since 2005.

Actually About Me...

I was a newspaper publisher and editor in a former life, where I lived for 25 years on a 50-acre slice of Texas hill country heaven, dabbled as a breeder of Arabian horses and German Short-haired Pointers and, in general, tried to let nature and light shine in.

Then, I moved to the most populated country on the planet.

I have been living in China since the fall of 2005, much longer than I originally planned. But quickly realized that one cannot adequately soak up the country, the culture, the people or the language without hanging in for the long term.

I got started on G+ as my virgin foray on a social network, not very long after G+ popped its own social network cherry. I love The Wall, but I've never posted to a wall. I know a twit when I see one, but I've never tweeted. And I've been living in the most populated country on the planet for almost eight years, so I've never been particularly motivated to get linked-in.

Content I'm interested in (no particular order):

  • China
  • Macintosh/Apple
  • iphoneography/rolling shutter
  • Photography
  • Censorship
  • Free Speech
  • Art


My Circle Management Policy
If you've found your way to my stream via a shared circle, please note the following:

  1. I no longer circle back as a simple courtesy.
  2. I'm looking for interaction, engagement – not numbers.
  3. I share primarily about China and Chinese culture.
  4. Yet, I'm not one-dimensional.

If you aren't interested in content intended to give you insight into China, perhaps even change your perspective, or engagement, then I'm probably just noise you don't need to add to your stream. If you found your way here via a search or hashtag, then chances are I might be worth your time.

Followers ≠ Readers
In the beginning, I had less than 100 followers. Now I'm creeping up on 5,000. Back then, I had a mere handful of growing relationships. Today, I can count those relationships on my hands and toes. Hence, I rather suspect that 95% of the people who circle me based on a shared circle have never even seen my stream. I'm just another grain of collective sand in the sandbox.

Readers ≠ Friends
I have no problem with people lurking – paddling by and paddling on. Hell, I do the same. Or doling out the occasional pats on the back (+1s), maybe even a high-five (re-share) and then rowing downstream. We all do that, right? But in real life, simply greeting one another occasionally doesn't a friend make.

Commenters < > Friends
I love geometry, but hate math in general, so maybe my formulas stink. Ask me if I care. But I do care about this aspect of G+ because this is how I've seen relationships grow in this community. Someone comments on my posts. Or I comment on their posts. We interact. We engage each other. And much to my amazement and gratification, I now have new friends from just about all over the globe. Simply because we did more than say hello.


Those G+ formulas above are a big, fat clue about how I manage circles. I use three basic circles...and very few specialized ones.

Read – users whose content I find interesting enough to make sure I'm current with whatever they're sharing, either daily or at least several times a week. I might lurk. I might pat on the back. I might even interact. But we're not necessarily friends and don't necessarily need to be.

Readers – users who drop by and comment often enough, via more than one word blips, will automatically be added. I will return the effort by checking out your content as often as possible. Whenever I find something engaging, I will interact with you in return. Maybe we'll become friends. Maybe not.

Friends – For whatever reason, I don't have a single real life friend who has joined G+. So, these are the people who have become my G+ buds. I see you. You see me. I enjoy you and I'm grateful for the reciprocal relationship.

Bragging rights
I know how to say fuck off in Chinese.
  • University of Texas @ Austin
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