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For anyone who has taken "CS 6300: Software Development Process" can you let me know how much Java knowledge is needed?  I took a Java class about 5 years ago and picked it up fairly easily, but it has been some time and I don't remember much.

Can anyone recommend a place to relearn the skills needed?  Something like codeacademy would be great.

Can someone shed light on the number of credits/classes needed for the program?  On the FAQ page it lists 36 credit hours are needed, but on the specialization pages, it shows you need 15 credit hours.  If this is the case what classes make up the rest of the credits?

Has anyone been able to get football tickets?  I tried to register on the site but it did not recognize my GA Tech ID#.

Anyone else not seeing their class show up under the My Courses drop down on Udacity?

Looking for an invite to play in the Cleveland area!

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Picked up my new Macbook Air! Went with the 11" 4GB/128GB SSD.

So far it is the most amazing computer I have ever owned. The most impressive thing I have seen so far is I can reboot while running 10 applications. It takes a total of 20 seconds to shutdown, restart, and load all 10 apps back up. The speed is crazy fast!

Has anyone else taken a look at them?

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Not only do we get Lion, but also my new computer. Good day to be a Mac guy!

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