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Today I calibrated one of our kinect2 (kinect-ONE) sensors. So I took the time to improve the documentation on the calibration system from my colleague, +Thiemo Wiedemeyer, for his +ROS kinect2_bridge package. Find the documentation here:

It took about 90 minutes to collect all the necessary images, and the result is very nice. Look at the difference! (See images)

On this sensor, the depth calibration found an offset of 21mm between the kinect2 depth data and the optically measured data. This is corrected from now on by the kinect2_bridge.

I tried to make the steps in the documentation on github as clear as possible, including some advice on preparation, and all the commands you need to run. Also, there are now pictures of the calibration setup using two tripods (useful if your sensor is not yet mounted on a robot), and example images before and after the calibration.
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visualization of face_detector on rviz. looks like Ghost in the Shell #ros 

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+Middlesex University  London is running an Introduction to ROS summer school in Lundon, June 14th-18th. It will be a practical hands on class with 10 turtlebot 2 robots and a Baxter Research Robot. More details are available at

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Open Source Robotics Foundation is in Google Summer of Code, version 2014 as well as Outreach Program for Women summer 2014!

Accepted students will participate in real-world software development,
contributing to robotics projects like Gazebo, ROS, and CloudSim, and
engaging with the global robotics community, all while getting paid.
As a bonus, this year we also offer ROS-Industrial [1] and Simbios [2]

Check out our GSoC site [3] and don't forget to visit our ideas page
[4], which lists projects that we're interested in. Feel free to ask
questions and propose suggestions at The
student application period starts March 10th. Get ready for a robotics
coding summer!.

The Gnome Outreach Program for Women has a parallel internship 
program. [5] There are more details on the OPW wiki. [6] OPW has a 
larger domain of eligible projects and can include non-students. If you 
are interested  OPW specific projects listed on the OSRF OPW 
overview [7] as well as all the GSoC projects are eligable too [4]. 
For questions relating to OPW please contact us at\

Please, redistribute the information among your students and colleagues. 


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