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The Online News page for Tioga County Pa.Democrats and fellow Democrats Everywhere

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. When we know each other's stories, it makes it easier to resist together. —Muna Mire

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Gomers cool

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"Dear Donald Trump," the letter begins. "My name is Bana Alabed and I am 7 years old Syrian girl from Aleppo."
"Millions of Syrian children are not like me right now and suffering in different parts of Syria. They are suffering because of adult people. I know you will be the president of America so can you please save the children and people of Syria? You must do something for the children of Syria because they are like your children and deserve peace like you."

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Over 700k refugees have resettled in the United States since 9/11. During that time, not a single one has carried out an act of terror.

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Die Zeit has a great article about Hitler's rise to power and... you guessed it... there are terrifying parallels 

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Boy did this piss them off #BudsForEveryone #wevoteblue

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We are excited to celebrate Black History Month at DPLA! Look for collection highlights throughout the month of February.

Get started in your classrooms: Did you know you can filter DPLA’s Primary Source Sets to explore topics related to African American history, culture, and literature?

The images featured here come from the collections of Atlanta History Center and New Georgia Encyclopedia via Digital Library of Georgia; Los Angeles Public Library via California Digital Library; Missouri History Museum via Missouri Hub; The New York Public Library; and University of Minnesota via Minnesota Digital Library.

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The Hate rose to its climax. The voice of Goldstein had become an actual sheep’s bleat, and for an instant the face changed into that of a sheep. Then the sheep-face melted into the figure of a Eurasian soldier. Who seems to be advancing, huge and terrible, his submachine gun roaring, and seeming to spring out of the surface of the screen . . .

That movie ended with the words:


This one ended with Andrew Breitbart crying with heroic earnestness to the riffraff all around him, “Stop the raping! Stop the raping!”

Andrew Breitbart is dead now: long live Andrew Breitbart. Donald Trump is Lord, and Steve Bannon is his prophet—with the U.S. Treasury at his disposal to tell fairy tales like this about anyone who dares cross him.
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