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The Impossible Dream
Publisher of indie RPGs, including Dread
Publisher of indie RPGs, including Dread

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I’ll be at Clearwater Con in Eau Claire this weekend, running and playing games. I’m planning to run some Dread, some Four Colors al Fresco, and Companions, a Powered by the Apocalypse Doctor Who-ish game.

If you want in on a game I’m running, here are the direct links:

Admission for the weekend is only $30, so if you’re in the vicinity, you should go!

Sorry—I’ve been absolutely buried with a short grad-school course the last couple weeks, and completely forgot to check for and ship out orders the last two weekends. So if your order hasn’t shipped already, it will today.

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Unfortunately, Congress has continued to hamstring the US Postal Service, and there has therefore been another huge increase in shipping costs. I just can’t absorb that much of the shipping so I’ll be raising what I charge for shipping. This is your…

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Dread just got a mention in interesting company: 

Aaaand...we're back!

I have print copies of Dread again, so if you've been holding off, time to order!

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Check out the cool digital map for Beneath a Metal Sky!

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Check out this cool post from GeekGirlCon about Girl Scouts and gaming!

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The Dread episode of Tabletop just went live! Tell your friends, especially if they aren't already gamers! 

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Looks like Dread is a definite for Tabletop! 

I think we're playing this on #tabletop, because it's amazing.
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