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For +Pete Eby  the first person to tell me about cntrl+r in bash:

Such a simple idea!

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+Pete Eby I'm going to make a prediction: This is the future.

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Just bought it. Downloaded .debs with a torrent. Redeemed Steam keys on Linux. Am I living in the future?

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+John Quigley This should replace your NX analysis solution:

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+Pete Eby have you seen this?

apt-get install network-manager-openconnect-gnome ?

I remember having linux woes at ORNL with the vpnc client. Have you tried this, and is it any good?

apt-get install network-manager-iodine-gnome ..... 

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+DJ Edwardson +Sydney Osborne hopefully you guys can appreciate this.

Blogs + Wikis are of my favorite subjects.
A friend of mine asked me to help give the run-down on what the options were out there. Obviously there are a billion options. Feel free to add comments for more.

+1 for a wiki. I don't know how people get by without good notes. I've seen people have a Huge Microsoft Word document and carry it around. Crazy.
A blog is nice. It helps kinda curate writing skills and allows you to look back in time. I only write for myself, and I personally recommend you do the same. Every once in a while you might write on some subject that some other lone stranger out there resonates with and finds on Google, and that is just gravy. 

As far as hosting / tech, picking this out and working it is half the fun! :)

Here is the traditional route
* Wordpress for a blog
* Mediawiki for a wiki
* Hosted on a shared hosting provider (Dreamhost?)
Cost: ~$4/mth for a year special $9/mth after
A great start. I love Dreamhost. Right now they have $4/mnth for a year: Not having to worry about the server can be a plus. +Pete Eby also might do hosting for you, and +Sydney Osborne might do some theme design too!

Here is for the ambitious DIYer:
* Wordpress for a blog
* Mediawiki for a wiki
* Hosted on a LEB (low end box)
Cost: ~$1/mth + some sanity
This is what I personally do. There are LEB providers out there for INSANE prices. I post good ones on my G+, have you seen them?
Requires more linux admin work. Could be good or bad depending on your taste. I have 4 LEB's, all for about $48/year total and I use them to play with stuff. (more than just blog and wiki)
Making a high performance site with minimal resources is a good challenge in itself. Plus you can do SSL, DNSSEC, ruby stuff, Puppet, anything you want really, you are root?

For the Hipster:
* Octopress + github for the blog
* Github wiki for the wiki
Cost: Free.
URL's for the wiki are not as memorable. Bonus as everything is a git repo, which makes it trivially portable. (as opposed to having files and a mysql db. Yuck right?)
The cool kids probably do this. Everything in Markdown = Trendy.

For the old school KISS:
* DokuWiki on a shared host
* Blogger for a blog?
Cost: Free
DokuWiki is pretty easy as it doesn't require a database. Very simple to move between shared hosts. You can get shared hosting for free if you don't care about the urls
Blogger has been a old standby for blogs. I bet it will shut down in <5 years. 

For the Paranoid:
* TiddlyWiki on a USB stick / Drop box
* Why would you blog? Your employer might not like what you write!
Cost: Free
TiddlyWiki is all clientside (javascript) No server required and you get to use a browser. Keep it all to yourself if you want.

For the Google Believer
* G+ for the blog.
* Google Keep / Drive for the "wiki"
Cost: Some privacy?
It's in the Cloud man. Google's permissions structure and collaboration features are pretty top notch though. 

For the Apple Fanboy:
* MobileMe iWeb to publish the blog
* iDisk to share/sync notes.
Cost: Your Devotion
Wait... MobileMe is no more?! But I thought it was safe and secure in the Cloud! Their cloud icon was freaking made of METAL!

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