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Darren Hanson

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We're here to play games, and most games need dice, right? So why not hop over to Kickstarter and check out this campaign for some really cool, bi-colored dice! You know you want to!   #HalfsiesDice
John Wrot! is raising funds for Halfsies Dice on Kickstarter! All new Dual-Color Dice Sets. You choose which color sets will be created. -EU, CAN, & AU Friendly.
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It's like on purpose mistakes from when they change the resin colors. Beautiful, but I never use anything but d6s
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I'm in Pittsburgh, PA 15222, with limited income and only public transportation options. 

Would love to find a nude beach, but there isn't much "beach" this far inland, so maybe a nudist resort with a good sized pool surrounded by a spacious deck? Someplace I could afford?

Can you help me?
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Darren Hanson

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So true!
My favorite psychotic gay rabbit.  I grew up Warner's!
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Very :P
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Darren Hanson

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Ni-nite cutie!
A goodnight selfie
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Darren Hanson

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I'd send copies of Tetris to Republican Congress-People, but it says "more efficient" not "any at all".
Did you know Tetris leads to more efficient brain activity?

Playing video games can Improve Your IQ! #intelligence   #brainteaser   #videogames  
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Darren Hanson

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Can't wait! Stands should start popping up in SoCal where I grew up by the end of the month. No stands here in Pittsburgh. Just snow and slush. sighs
Fresh Strawberries ♥

Make sure to share +Diply with your friends and family.
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Darren Hanson

Introductions  - 
Hey, all. Just got approved so I figured I should introduce myself.

Original from Westminster, CA, not that far from the beach. Moved north to Sacramento, CA, on my 27th birthday. The beginning of the summer of 2001, I chased a bad relationship to Xenia, OH, just outside Dayton. And a few months later, after my ex engineered my eviction (maybe it wasn't such a good idea to move into the same building, on the same floor, directly across the hall?), I ended up in Pittsburgh, PA.

Been here since October 14, 2001, but have bounced around without lots of ups and downs, even ending up homeless twice and living behind a friend's furnace, since. Currently I eek out a meager existence thanks to SSDI, SNAP, Section 8, food pantries, and the kindness of friends and strangers alike.

I've always prefered to be clothing free my whole life. It's been about a decade since I could afford to go to Club Pittsburgh, the gay bathhouse here, and even longer since I had access to a gay beach. It just seems to always be SO expensive to go anywhere as a single male. :(

Not sure what's available in the area except Club Pittsburgh. I have neither a car not a license thanks to an honest mistake trying to buy a car several years ago. But I would love to have the freedom of feeling the sun and wind across ALL my skin and be able to share that experience with like minded gentlemen.
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I may be late, but it's still today for another 47 minutes or so...

Never forget lest we repeat the past.
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Darren Hanson

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Amen, Spock. Amen.
Something to ponder upon:

"Your finest worship lies in the deeds of your lives."

#Spock #StarTrek #Religion 
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Darren Hanson

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An entire species devoted to peace, advancement of knowledge, and to the betterment of all intelligent species.
my personal hero...

“Of all the souls I have encountered.. his was the most human." Thx @TheRealNimoy for bringing Spock to life for us.” Sam Cristoforetti.

#StarTrek  #LeonardNimoy #Spock
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Just a lovable ol' bear looking for Mr. Right
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So many services, I can't list them all. But the food bank they run? The best by far ANYWHERE in the county. If you live in there service area and need food support, it's your lucky day!
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