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Darren Hanson
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Darren Hanson

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If everyone who said "I like Bernie Sanders, but I don't think he can win" would just stand behind his Presidential campaign, he'd win by the largest landslide in history!

Here are a few reasons why you shoud....
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Darren Hanson

Temp / Couch Surfing  - 
Not sure where to put this, especially as it's an offer and not a need.

I live in a 1 BR apartment in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, PA. And while I can't have a long-term roommate, I can have "guests" from time to time. (Up to a week is cool. 10 days is probably pushing my landlady's patience.)

I have a queen size air mattress that can be inflated in the living room. Got cable and 105 mbps internet. So if you need a helping paw as a layover on a longer trip, to temp accommodations while getting established in the area, let me know.

I live on SSDI & food stamps, so you'll need to be fairly self-sufficient. I'm not asking for rent (not refusing it either) but you'll need to provide your own food and such. Odds & ends I might be able to help with. 

Beyond that,I'm fairly sure we can work things out. Oh, and I'm a) open-minded and b) not looking for hanky-panky. You should be the same.
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Darren Hanson

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I do SO hope he ends up being the Republican nominee!
This is a VERY serious health issue, not to be mocked.
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Darren Hanson

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Separation of Church and State, ya know? And even before the Bill of Rights was ratified, this was NOT and NEVER was a "Christian Nation".
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Darren Hanson

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Beautiful beyond words!
Violet and blue!

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Darren Hanson

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Not to mention "Ritualistic Cannibals" eating their God's flesh and drinking His blood....

Just another way of looking at things. I mean no offense.
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I agree, Darren. It is a death cult that persecutes all other religions. 
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Darren Hanson

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Not all Christians are like this, but far too many of the vocal ones are....
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Darren Hanson

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Having been active in the Fandom for over 30 years, including helping plan and Organize the first ever Furry Convention which occurred back in January 1989, and able to point to interests well before that which could be considered Furry, I would say that I don't mind your "I don't give a shit" assessment. But at the same time, I'd like to correct a few assumptions you made earlier in your video.

First and foremost, being a Furry is not "some weird sexual thing" anymore than liking Star Trek or being passionate about Firefly enough to really want it come back onto TV. At it's core, the Furry Fandom is merely a subset of the SciFi and/or Fantasy Fandoms. It includes pretty much anything that has been anthropomorphized and so includes things like Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, the Kzinti by Larry Niven and much, much more. 

As to Fursonas, they tend to be the aspired to "better self". If I was more outgoing, I'd do things like this. If I had magical powers, I'd be like this. If I could have been X, I'd be like Y. To some, it's more a character in a story that the individual "writes" by roleplaying with others, depicted in art, or even written independently. And only a small, but visible, minority of Furries have Fur Suits, the mascot style outfits that are so easy to pick out at most gatherings.

As to being sexual, well, Furries ARE Human (whether they want to admit it or not) and as such, represent the wide panoply of sexual orientations, gender identities, at interests in fetishes including not at all. A Fursona may express the individuals true self (a transgendered individual having a Fursona of their prefered gender, for example) or it may be a flight of fantasy with no relation to the individual's prefered activity in the bedroom.

And finally, as to being "close to beastiality" that is a common misconception. Beastiality, at it's heart, invvovles sexual activity with a non-sentient partner. The dog, horse, whatever, is NOT self aware, cannot Speak, etc. With furries, the partner IS self aware, CAN speak and so forth. It's just that, rather than having evolved from primates, their partner evolved from a different part of the Animal Kingdom to the same level as a human. Furries generally see this as similar to Blacks, Whites, Asians and so forth only they're Felines, Canines, Dragons, Centaurs and so forth. As I mentioned before, Furries are human and therefor have the full complement of sexual interests that humans have. So, yes, some Furries ARE into Beastiality just as some Humans are, but they are a TINY minority just as they are among humans.

Thank you and have a nice day.
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👍🏻 love your work here :)
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Darren Hanson

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The world is a better place the more of it's residents can access the basics of modern life.
Even Peru, with a fraction of the resources America has it's priorities straight.
This scheme will allow 95% of Peru to have access to electricity by the end of 2016.
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Darren Hanson

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This! This is the flower I want planted in soil fertilized with my ashes after I die!
Royal purple!

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Darren Hanson

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I'm proud to be liberal. How about you?
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Sure am!
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Darren Hanson

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The Federal Government owes Social Security money because Republicans keep raiding the SS Trust Fund.
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Pittsburgh, PA
Xenia, OH - Sacramento, CA - Westminster, CA
Just a lovable ol' bear looking for Mr. Right
Long, sad story of abuse and generally being used, starting way too young and continuing far too long.

But as I turn 48, I'm trying for something different. Something more of equals. Something where each has acknowledged needs, which get met! 

And recognizing that a relationship doesn't mean subsuming wants/needs/personality into a collective identity. But that while many things are done together, some things are done alone, or with others. And that's okay. Having a friend isn't "cheating". And depending on the understanding of the parties in the relationship, a friend with benefits might not be cheating either.

All is open to negotiation. And nobody should ever do something that they do not want to do, especially NOT from a feeling of "no other choice" or "they'll leave me if I don't." It's okay to say "No." It's healthy to say, "No." NOT saying "No" is what's UNhealthy.

Harm without consent is wrong.

Consent CAN be giving for potentially harmful acts. And by it's very nature, something done in violation of withheld consent is"harm." And consent is not just needed from the actors, but by the viewers as well. For some things, "implied consent" can be assumed. (Seeing someone naked on a nude beach. Seeing a pretty girl in a bikini during the summer. Etc.) For others, informed consent needs to be obtained FIRST, or by definition it is a violation of consent (having not been given) and therefor harm.

This simple maxim, if truly applied to all situations, should relieve one of guilt in most situations. Complaints about acts consented to are invalid unless that consent had been withdrawn. And doing "harm" in any form, would not be done without seeking consent first.

But can I live what I preach? That remains to be seen.
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  • Social Security Administration
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So many services, I can't list them all. But the food bank they run? The best by far ANYWHERE in the county. If you live in there service area and need food support, it's your lucky day!
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