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Darren Hanson
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Darren Hanson

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He's probably too "Liberal" these days.
Buh bye Boner.
Conservative Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) filed a "motion to vacate" Speaker John Boehner's leadership position.
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Darren Hanson

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Not sure if I've done this yet or not, but if I have, it's been a while, so here goes!

Real Name:  Darren
Real Age:  48
Real Gender:  Male
Real Sexuality:  Homo-Romantic

RP/Furry Name:  ShadowCub
RP Age:  3 or 8 or 48
RP Gender:  Male
RP Sexuality:  3/8 "innocent", 48 Gay
  3 yo: Not yet potty trained, and not interested in getting potty trained. Loves all things baby/toddler, but doesn't like being "too little" for things, even ones he doesn't understand.

 8 yo: Potty trained, but secretly wishes to be back in diapers as he felt safer and loved back then. As a result, he has accidents on occassion (and even more rarely "on purposses".) but is convinced that he's not "allowed" to be little and so resists efforts to be regressed.
 48 yo: VERY RARE ANY MORE -- Caretaker to other cubs. But it's fairly difficult to get into the mindset and so it's work to do and tends to not be enjoyable.
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Thanks +Jessica Cole 
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Darren Hanson

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So, where on the AB/DL spectrum are you?
14 votes  -  votes visible to Public
AB -- It's about being little
Both -- Little AND Sexy together
Both -- Little and Sexy but NOT together
DL -- It's about sex in/with diapers
Other/None -- Please explain in a commen
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i also like being forced to wear them and to be forced in to wetting and messing in public evan when i run out of diapers
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Darren Hanson

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Cool idea!
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Darren Hanson

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Cool idea!
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Darren Hanson

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Darren Hanson

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Anybody have any experience with these hypnosis files?  How well do they work at taking away control when diapered? How well do they leave control in lace when NOT diapered?

I'm a BIG baby and so even plain white diapers cost almost $2 EACH. Add to that my being on a fixed (SS Disability) income and can't afford to buy enough to go 24/7. Not unless I can have a "medical problem" come on in a fashion that's believable. (And that really IS nocturnal enuresis, if my Dr asks for a sleep study or something.) 

Once I can get insurance to help with diaper costs, I'll probably work towards being 24/7 and possibly bowel incontinence as well.
Special offer on socalab hypnosis product.
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Darren Hanson

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Today, 22 percent of children live in poverty, up from 18 percent in 2008.

Despite policies and programs designed to help families recover, the economic slowdown left many families behind, said Laura Speer. She is the foundation’s associate director for policy reform and advocacy and oversees the national KIDS COUNT project.

“It’s pretty clear from the data that the rising tide of economic recovery has not lifted all boats,” Speer said. “We still haven’t made up ground of where we were pre-recession” for many low-income families.
Today, 22 percent of children live in poverty, up from 18 percent in 2008.
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Darren Hanson

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Pittsburgh, PA
Xenia, OH - Sacramento, CA - Westminster, CA
Just a lovable ol' bear looking for Mr. Right
Long, sad story of abuse and generally being used, starting way too young and continuing far too long.

But as I turn 48, I'm trying for something different. Something more of equals. Something where each has acknowledged needs, which get met! 

And recognizing that a relationship doesn't mean subsuming wants/needs/personality into a collective identity. But that while many things are done together, some things are done alone, or with others. And that's okay. Having a friend isn't "cheating". And depending on the understanding of the parties in the relationship, a friend with benefits might not be cheating either.

All is open to negotiation. And nobody should ever do something that they do not want to do, especially NOT from a feeling of "no other choice" or "they'll leave me if I don't." It's okay to say "No." It's healthy to say, "No." NOT saying "No" is what's UNhealthy.

Harm without consent is wrong.

Consent CAN be giving for potentially harmful acts. And by it's very nature, something done in violation of withheld consent is"harm." And consent is not just needed from the actors, but by the viewers as well. For some things, "implied consent" can be assumed. (Seeing someone naked on a nude beach. Seeing a pretty girl in a bikini during the summer. Etc.) For others, informed consent needs to be obtained FIRST, or by definition it is a violation of consent (having not been given) and therefor harm.

This simple maxim, if truly applied to all situations, should relieve one of guilt in most situations. Complaints about acts consented to are invalid unless that consent had been withdrawn. And doing "harm" in any form, would not be done without seeking consent first.

But can I live what I preach? That remains to be seen.
Bragging rights
He's just a pup, but that means I can train him up right ... right?
Retired (Disabled)
Super-Backer on Kickstarter
  • Two Friends
    Computer/Internet Help, 2013 - present
    Look up stuff and pay bills on-line mostly as the have limited internet access.
  • Social Security Administration
    SSDI recipient, 2007 - present
    Physical: Severe Osteoarthritis in spine, hips, and knees Mental: Chronic/Severe Depression, Anxiety, PTSD
  • Social Security Administration
    SSI recipient, 2006 - 2006
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So many services, I can't list them all. But the food bank they run? The best by far ANYWHERE in the county. If you live in there service area and need food support, it's your lucky day!
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