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Professional. Honest. Experienced.
Professional. Honest. Experienced.

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I think i've found a good use of Google+ for me; I'll use it to share various articles I read. That way, it keeps the twitter feed cleaner.

(If Google+ had Twitter integration, I wouldn't have to write this announcement twice.)

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Still waiting for Google to add Twitter integration to Google+. 

I love Google+ , but I still need to find a use for it. 

I'm starting to become a Jailbreak Enthusiast: again.

Here are some of my tweets regarding this controversial Partner Video. I feel as if things need to be said, without complaining on Twitter too much :):

Here's an example, i'm generally not big on calling out other Youtubers, but I think it's acceptable for my point. Many popular Youtubers purposely mis-categorized their videos to obtain more views. Yet, we see that nothing is done to them or the videos. Tell me that isn't a flawed system. Moreover, it takes a lower-level Partner about 5 hours to get a video monetized with ads that contain music. You think if you declared that the your video has music in it that it would be Royalty-Free. Plus, it should take 10min tops, not 5 hours. And that's another thing: Giveaways are apart of establishing your content and giving back to your viewers. Radio Stations do the same thing, minus the subscribe system. If Youtube wants to improve there system, good for thing. However, the first step to recovery is admitting your problems; we didn't see that happen. I like Youtube, don't get me wrong; however, they really need to improve their system.

If Google+ becomes more popular, I wonder if they'll integrate multi-platform status updates; meaning you can update your Twitter and Google+ profile at the same time.
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